English Winemaker Starts Selling Its Product In Paper Bottles

English Winemaker Starts Selling Its Product In Paper Bottles

English Winemaker Starts Selling Its Product In Paper Bottles. image: the english vine

English Winemaker Is The First To Start Selling Its Product In Paper Bottles

Essex-based winemaking company, The English Vine, in a unique business strategy, has started selling its produce in bottles made from paper, claiming that the paper alternative has a carbon footprint that is 84 per cent less than its glass counterpart.

Made by the British sustainable packaging company Frugalpac, their Frugal Bottle is manufactured in Britain using 94 per cent recycled paperboard, and is said to be five times lighter than a normal bottle made from glass.

Neil Walker, the founder of the English winemaker, says on the company’s website, “As winemakers, we have a responsibility to make positive steps towards more environmentally friendly methods of winemaking. Packaging is a good place to start, as apart from in certain areas of winemaking where glass bottling is required, there is no reason not to make this change other than misplaced preconceptions about packing for wine.”

In an innovative step, to prevent the wine from seeping through the paper, a recyclable food grade pouch sits inside the paper bottle and Mr Walker has stated that his company’s objective is to scrap the use of glass bottles altogether by 2026, according to the dailymail.co.uk.

He spoke of the misconception that some people will have that a wine that comes in anything but a glass bottle would somehow be inferior in quality, but commented, “However, we want to lead the way to show you that your wine will be just as enjoyable and high quality in a more environmentally friendly packaging, such as our new paper bottles”.

In a recent poll of wine drinkers in the UK, according to Mr Walker, 63 per cent of 1,700 people polled, said that they would purchase wine sold in a paper bottle, and The English Vine’s website challenges customers to spot any difference between wine in glass bottles compared to their No1 white wine in the paper bottles, even going as far as to offer a case at £68 containing three of its No1 wines in both glass and paper bottles, for people to draw comparisons.


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