How to watch movies for free in the UK

How to Watch Movies for Free in the UK

There is nothing better than curling up on the sofa with some fresh popcorn, loved ones, and a high-quality film. Unfortunately, the cinema can be costly for an evening out, especially if you’ve got a large family or a tight budget. Rather than spending a small fortune on overpriced treats, look into finding a decent streaming service that brings the cinema experience into your home.

While countless streaming services are available, not all platforms are created equally. Some services use illegal streaming options, piracy, or malware on the server, which potentially brings problems to your electronic devices (depending on the malware installed). These problems expedite when you’re looking to watch free movies. Always check the copyright and legal status of any platform you choose to use.

Understanding the legality of streaming sites

Unfortunately, identifying a legal streaming platform versus an illegal site isn’t always black and white. Paying for the service isn’t necessarily a validation method, as several free platforms have permissions while remaining free. Determining the site’s legality starts with copyright infringement. Copyright infringement is any platform that uses, profits, or shares content online without permission or rights. Any website accused of piracy concerns should be avoided, whether they’re free or paid services.

Finding legal sites with movies

High-quality streaming services aren’t difficult to find; after all, many popular brands like Netflix and Amazon Prime are available in the UK. However, trying to find a free network can prove problematic for inexperienced users. To help get you started, here are a few reliable streaming sites that bring movies and television series to users free of charge.

Roku Channel

Having launched in 2020, this option is free to use for anyone with a Roku device. Thousands of TV programs, content for kids, and movies are available for users while remaining completely free. Users will find popular British content and global favorites available, with many classics throughout. You’ll need to purchase a Roku device to access the platform, as direct streaming isn’t currently available within the UK.


This popular media streamer helps members organize their own media on the platform. This includes any saved media, movies, or television series. It also brings live television and on-demand movies and TV series, combining the best of both worlds. Users can access the on-demand movies and TV series through the platform, with various topics and niches available. Both on-demand and live content stream through the app directly or through the Plex website.

My5 films

This free-to-watch channel has plenty of videos for all audiences, with films from Pluto TV Movies (owned by ViacomCBS). Most movies are older Hollywood hits, along with a few obscure titles you’ve likely never heard of. This service uses commercials through the broadcasts, keeping streaming free for all viewers.

Channel 4 films

Channel 4 is a curator of films as a free commercial broadcaster. This network is typically available live, with on-demand offerings too. This streaming network is free for users, with an essential registration requirement. From there, visitors can use the custom app or watch movies directly through the internet browser. Content is divided among categories, with comedies, dramas, and thrillers all arranged on the site for easy browsing. As a free network, there are advert breaks throughout the content.


Although not a common platform for movies, this website is known for user-created content. With millions of different titles currently available, YouTube is home to plenty of films and television series. Although some of these titles are uploaded illegally, there are titles available for anyone that wants to watch.

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