What to consider when choosing a wholesale supplier?

What to consider when choosing a wholesale supplier?

Choosing your wholesale supplier can have a tremendous impact on your business, and especially on your profits! It’s one of the most important business decisions to make, even more so if your company is fueled by outsourced goods. A good wholesale supplier will offer competitive prices, safe transactions, and timely delivery – but where to find such a supplier?

Merkandi is an international wholesale trading platform, where trusted wholesalers from all around the world can open up their business to B2B customers looking for a new supplier – from shoes to electronics, you can buy everything you need at Merkandi with absolute safety and security.

How to find the right supplier?

When browsing Merkandi, you can find a wide variety of trusted suppliers to purchase from – all sellers at our platform go through an extensive verification process to ensure safety for our customers. Similarly, any seller who provides branded products needs to have their products verified for authenticity – we do not condone nor allow selling of counterfeit and bootleg goods at our platform. At Merkandi, you’re always getting what you’re paying for!

Looking for a way to save money on wholesale purchases? Liquidation stock sales can be the perfect opportunity. Such sales include a variety of types of wholesale merchandise and products, coming from closeouts or companies that went bankrupt. When purchasing liquidation stocks, make sure to carefully read the description – many of such products come from auctions and biddings, and might include a wide variety of different items.

What are the most important characteristics of a good wholesale supplier?

What are the most important characteristics of a good wholesale supplier?

The first characteristic of a professional wholesale supplier is good communication – sellers often forget how important communication is, especially in case the customer has any questions or a problem arises and needs to be solved. A good wholesale supplier should always respond to your inquiries with helpful insight and solutions. When looking for one, make sure you choose a supplier that offers support in your language of choice.

Range can also be a determining factor – while Merkandi is an international marketplace that connects sellers from all around the world, take into consideration that a parcel from the other side of the world will be considerably more expensive and will take much more time to deliver than a parcel from your country of origin.

Merkandi is an international wholesale trading platform with over 75,000 users, operating in over 150 countries. We offer merchandise up to 90% cheaper from other wholesalers and manufacturers around the world, including offers coming from bailiff seizures, excess production, overstock, company liquidations, customer returns, and so on.

We are available in over 20 languages and offer sophisticated security measures – each wholesaler at Merkandi goes through a verification process to make sure you’re buying only from trusted sellers.

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