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Kia Niro HEV: A nice place to be.

There are a number of car makers offering a single model with self-charging hybrid, plug-in hybrid or pure electric powertrains. For those not yet convinced to go fully electric then self-charging hybrids are the most practical, with no range anxieties and no plug-in issues.
The UK government’s lamentable indecision on what hybrid vehicles can continue to be sold after 2030, when conventionally powered new car sales will be banned, means we have no idea what will be available to buyers. So if full electric is not a practical proposition, and for many it certainly isn’t, then you have a limited time to make your mind up.
One of the most popular cars with multiple eco options is Kia’s Niro, with prices starting from €30,503/£25,705 for the self-charging hybrid, €36,863/£31,065 for the plug-in version and €39,035/£32,895 for full electric.
Buyers will find, not just with Kia but all car makers, that any kind of hybrid or electric model comes at a price premium over conventionally powered cars. That will hopefully come down as 2030 looms closer. You certainly get plenty of standard equipment for your money with Kia.
The Niro’s extensive list includes alloy wheels, 10.25” touchscreen, navigation, Apple Car Play, Android Auto and Bluetooth, reversing camera, smart cruise, auto dimming rear view mirror, auto lights and wipers and rear privacy.
With a raised ride height the Niro lacks the boxiness of some designs and has the usual Kia feeling of quality and solidity of build on both the exterior and interior. There’s a good range of adjustment for both the driver and passengers with plenty of space in terms of both leg and head room.
Power switches between petrol and electric automatically, or even uses both, with selectable driving modes. The dual clutch automatic gearbox is one of the better systems being smooth and lacks overtly racing engine revs and lag, unless under hard acceleration. The Niro acquits itself well for this type of car and is pretty refined too with decent rather than exceptional performance, but economy and emissions figures are good.
Overall the Niro is transport, more than any kind of motoring inspired nirvana, and none the worse for it. If you had to be in your car everyday then the Niro is a nice place to be whether for work, family or both. It offers all the creature comforts you need for long days behind the wheel.

Facts at a Glance

  • Model: Kia Niro ‘3’ HEV
  • Engine: 1.6 GDi Gasolina (Petrol) electric hybrid
  • Gears: 6-Speed DCT automatic
  • Price: €33,066/£27,865
  • Performance: 0-100 kph (62 mph) 11.1 seconds/Maximum Speed 162 kph (101 mph)
  • Economy: 5.20l/100km (54.3 mpg) Combined driving (WLTP)
  • Emissions: 119 g/km (WLTP)

Model tested was UK-specification and equipment levels and prices may vary in other markets.

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