What Story are you telling yourself?

What Story are you telling yourself?

What would you choose if you were promised guaranteed success in anything you decided to do? What story would you want to write about yourself in years to come looking back on life’s journey? Well, you can most certainly be the author of your life and begin writing and creating your own story right now.

Many of us instead of allowing things to happen ´for´ us, we simply allow things to happen ´to´ us with the sentiment of ‘well, that’s just life, I guess’.

To allow things to happen for us it’s important to understand that we are more in control of our lives than we think. Our outcomes in life are often a consequence of what we think we are capable of achieving and can therefore project us forward or for the most part, hold us back.

It is all too easy to blame external circumstances to justify why we are not where we want to be in life which for many gives a certain level of acceptance, albeit, coupled with a sense of discomfort and dissatisfaction and can leave us with that all too familiar thought of ‘what if?’

When we understand that we have more power and influence over our lives than we think, it becomes exciting as we then we begin to understand that we can create our own story and let go of the belief that it’s everyone else’s fault or something further stopping us from getting from where we are to where we want to be.

When you begin to change one area or aspect in your life, other areas start to shift too which is uplifting and creates the momentum you need

So, how do you start to re-write your story?

Firstly, let go of all previous negative assumptions you may have had before, turn the page and start a fresh chapter of your book. Get your pen ready!

Secondly, it’s helpful to understand that when we face an inevitable challenge or problem, it can be productive to simply re-frame it. Deciding that it’s not a dead end, it’s just part of the journey and by asking ourselves what lessons can be learnt from it will enable progress by seeing it for what it really is. Elevating ourselves and focusing on the vision and outcome we desire rather than the perceived problems in getting there gives us more focus and drive.

Thirdly, having a plan. Plans will help close the gap from the dream to the reality by way of taking action steps towards it. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, taking some small steps will help create the path and generate a steady progressive realisation toward the end result. Focusing less on the how and more on the amazing possibilities that lie ahead is a more engaging way to think.

So, what story will you create, what action will you take to get there. You are your own author, what will you write?

One of my fondest quotes is; “When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.”

There will of course be people who will influence, help and support you but ultimately, it is your story, it is your journey, it is your pen, so, be creative but above all, be true to yourself.

(Certified professional life coach)

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