The best sofa shop on the Costa del Sol (2023)

The best sofa shop on the Costa del Sol

The best sofa shop on the Costa del Sol. Image - Micolchon

Our living space is one of the most important places in our homes. It is somewhere we can relax and recuperate, somewhere that we can socialise and somewhere that we can simply watch television. It’s no surprise that our seating is really important, it needs to be comfortable but it should also provide the right level of support for your back as well as be suited to our taste and style.

That’s why we have taken a look at the best sofa shop on the Costa del Sol to find the perfect seating for your home and living space – Nessen Interiors.

Offering a wide range of seating, from comfortable Relax armchairs, Nessen Relax armchairs and office chairs that will support your posture while you work, to matching footstools and even beautiful nursing chairs for new parents. With a variety of colours, styles and fabrics, as well as great discounts, Nessen Interiors is the best sofa shop on the Costa del Sol to purchase your seating!

Why is my living room seating so important?

We all need a place to rest and relax in our homes and, as the name suggests, our living room is one of the most important spaces for resting and relaxing. Most of us find ourselves lazing around on our sofas when we get back from work or have had a long and tiresome day. Seating in your living room is very important because that’s where you relax with guests, family or by yourself.

Living rooms typically have plenty of seating. There’s often at least one sofa and a couple of chairs. Some of us use our living room as a very informal space, where we can kick back after a long day and enjoy time with family and friends. For others, the living room is more formal space for entertaining. No matter what you use your living room for and no matter what theme your decor is, Micolchon on the Costa del Sol has the perfect seating to provide comfort, support and style.

Nessen Interiors sofas and armchairs

The range of Nessen products are the result of 40 years of experience from Micolchon – the only chain specialising in rest that offers the widest variety of products and manufacturers on the market. Nessen products include sofas, armchairs and decoration items made with the best materials to provide your home with style, elegance and comfort. With unique and personalised advice, Nessen Interiors look for the rest product that suits your needs – and that’s why they are the best sofa shop on the Costa del Sol.

The sofas and armchairs at Nessen Interiors are pure luxury and comfort, upholstered with the best Italian leather and exclusive stain-resistant fabrics. They offer you the possibility of complementing them with the most cutting-edge accessories, including relax motors and USB chargers, so that you can fully enjoy the comfort of your most premium and exclusive sofa or armchair on the market.

All of the Nessen products can be tailored to your needs, including headrests, colours, fabrics and cushions, so that you can choose exactly the design you want and the comforts you want to enjoy.

In addition to working with the brand of Nessen Relax armchairs and sofas, they are distributors of brands such as Stressless, Himolla, Keyton and Bentley.

All sofas have 2 and 3 years warranty and a lifetime warranty on frames.

Italian sofas

Nessen Interiors brings together premium craftsmanship, exclusive materials, the latest designs and maximum comfort. Their sofas come in a wide range of models and include premium options such as USB ports and folding headrests for maximum comfort and – with the largest relaxation centre in Europe – you are sure to find exactly what you want and need at the shop.

Leather sofas

We’ve probably all been there, sat on a leather sofa on a hot day and feeling like you are stuck to the fabric, or in winter when the sofa feels too cold to sit on! Well, with the leather that Nessen works with you will never have that issue.

Nessen Interiors specialise in designer sofas of the highest quality using the best Italian leather. The less a leather is rectified the more natural, more breathable and more flexible it will be, which is why the leathers that Nessen Interiors work with are barely treated to preserve their quality as much as possible.

Choose from a wide variety of colours and textures, so you can find the one that best suits your style and decoration.

Stain-resistant fabric sofas

Using our sofas and living areas so much means there is a constant risk of spillages and stains – particularly if you have children or pets! Micolchon understands this, and that’s why they provide beautiful sofas and seating made from anti-stain fabric for an investment you can really trust. Nessen Interiors use Aquaclean treatment – a treatment that is revolutionising the world of upholstery.

Wine, sauces, chocolate, mud… these are some of the stains that you can easily get rid of with the Aquaclean fabric just by using a bit of water.

Design sofas

Nessen Interiors offers the best in manufacturing and design sofas, made with the best fabrics and quality craftsmanship. Comfort and versatility in each design guarantee you the best relaxation and style.

Custom-made sofas

The perfect sofa created by and for you!

Sometimes the space we have at home is a problem when it comes to finding the perfect sofa, for this reason, Nessen Interiors will adapt each sofa to the space you have available so that your sofa fits perfectly.

Nessen Interiors can transform any sofa according to your tastes and needs, including two and three-seater sofas, corner sofas, modular sofas, chaise longue sofas… all in the measurements you need.


A good armchair brings extra elegance and comfort to your living room. Have you had a hard day at work? Are you tired? Well, there is nothing better than relaxing in a comfortable chair to enjoy maximum relaxation in your home.

At Nessen Interiors, you will find the best armchair brands in the world including Bentley, Stressless, Himolla and Keyton. In addition to their own brand, Nessen Relax, in which they guarantee the quality and comfort of each of their armchairs.

A comfortable and supportive armchair will improve your quality of life and rest. They are perfect to unwind on a stressful day and, thanks to their reclining backrest and footrest, they allow you to adopt a more comfortable position. Nessen Interiors provide solutions to all of your needs and those of your family, from design armchairs, motorised armchairs, wing chairs, and rocking chairs… to armchairs with a power-lift system for reduced mobility and nursing chairs for new parents.

Bentley armchairs

100 years have passed since the first Bentley was created, a prestigious vehicle brand that has progressed without limits maintaining its qualities of craftsmanship, exclusivity and delicacy with each of its details. This is reflected in its insistence on prioritising the human touch as well as its commitment to sustainability.

Working with naturally dyed grain leather, the perforated cushions are for better ventilation and are made out of polyurethane and Visco or natural feather padding. These materials, together with exquisite details and hand-crafted embroideries, turn your living room into a car museum for lovers of this prestigious firm.

In practically all its furniture, its characteristic touch of beech wood and cherry heart is combined with its amber colour and the most exclusive leathers with special treatment that repels stains, eight types of sewing according to trims and details and metallic finishes – which, without a doubt, will make you feel the prestigious luxury associated with this London firm.

Keyton – the best massage chair in the world

Keyton has occupied a very exclusive domain in the field of manufacturing high-end massage chairs with its own technology for many years. Innovation is in the very DNA of the brand with more than 25 patents, an area where the reduction of scientifically proven stress levels plays a decisive role.

Using leather and wood, Keyton chairs have a SensorScan Pro function that can analyse up to 128 points on your back to monitor your muscle tension levels. A study carried out by the NBIO Research Group of Miguel Hernandez University concludes that the Keyton massage chair reduces cervical tension by more than 21 per cent and recommends its use for those who suffer from tension and overloads in the muscles of the back, especially in the cervical region.

Stressless armchairs

Stressless was introduced in the early 70s as the first recliner designed to respond to the body’s need for movement and support when sitting. The famous Scandinavian Stressless Recliner was a revolution in comfort and functionality, soon achieving international success. This was possible thanks to some patented features that cannot be found in other armchairs, from the sliding system which adapts to the slightest movement of your body, to the PlusTM system which gives the correct support to the neck and spine at all times.

Himolla armchairs

Himolla’s hallmarks are its technology, high level of comfort and its philosophy which is based on making “the best-upholstered furniture in the world”. Himolla has the most modern production machinery in the sector due to its continuous investments in technology as well as its commitment to the environment.

Made from the highest quality materials, packed with innovative relaxation functions and exceptional design make Himolla armchairs some of the most relaxing on the market. Himolla’s range consists of armchairs, armchairs, dining room seats and relax sofas.

Power lift system armchairs

These armchairs are particularly helpful for those with reduced mobility, with the power lift function helping you to stand up from the seated position without straining the joints.

This range of chairs that lift you up aims to reduce the risk of ulcers, improve posture and improve blood circulation. In addition, these types of power lift chairs also relieve back, leg and foot pain. These armchairs can be chosen with one motor or two motors depending on needs.

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