Dogeliens is diving straight into the Metaverse and GameFi Market!

Dogeliens is diving straight into the Metaverse and GameFi Market!

Dogeliens (DOGET) is a meme token that aims to join the dog-token family and become the pup-pet master. Like other meme tokens, its success is dependent on the strength of its community. It is why Dogeliens will build a positive and vibrant community that is heavily rewarded and focused on aiding others. Its main goal is to take over the Metaverse and GameFi industry with its Play-to-Earn (P2E) game.

Charity is an important part of the Dogeliens ecosystem. It plans to launch a democratic voting system where the community can decide on the charities that Dogeliens donates to. 3% of every transaction made in the Dogeliens ecosystem will be added to the charity wallet.

Furthermore, Dogeliens will work closely alongside charitable organisations and fund education in underprivileged areas. They also plan to launch a free academy to educate new users in crypto, called the Dogeliens Academy. “As we invade the Metaverse, we want to bring our tools and educate the humanoid masses”.

What can we expect from the P2E Game?

Dogeliens is planning a ‘PUP-invasion’ to take over the Metaverse, with 35% of the tokens reserved for P2E game development. Every Dogeliens user can obtain NFTs and mint them on the platform. The NFT can then be used in the P2E game. On the planet of Puptopia, users either team up in a ‘Pup-Litter’ or fly solo and battle their Dogeliens against each other.

Battling your Dogeliens against other players will improve your pup and make it more valuable. Not into battling? No problem. The P2E game features a myriad of activities you can take part in.

One fun activity is going for a walk with your Dogeliens, collecting fruits and flowers on your way. You can harvest these fruits and flowers to make treats and accessories for your Dogeliens, or you can sell them on the NFT marketplace for a profit. Share your success with the hashtag Dogeliens on social media platforms for additional rewards.

Ultimately, Dogeliens wants to create a community that reflects the P2E game they have made. Happy, fun, and inclusive. The array of services in the Dogeliens ecosystem allows any crypto enthusiast to have fun and learn, helping charities in the process. 

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