Scientists and professionals from across the world declare: “There is no climate emergency”

Scientists and professionals from across the world declare: "There is no climate emergency"

Scientists and professionals from across the world declare: "There is no climate emergency". Image: Sepp photography/

HUNDREDS of scientists and professionals from across the world, led by the Norwegian physics Nobel Prize laureate Professor Ivar Giaever, declared that “there is no climate emergency.”

On Thursday, August 18, an article by the World Climate Declaration (WCD) proclaiming that “there is no climate emergency” – which appears to have been scrubbed from the internet – was retrieved by the Wayback Machine and began gaining traction on social media.

The WCD article, which was published on May 27, said that “climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific.”

It added: “In particular, scientists should emphasise that their modelling output is not the result of magic: computer models are human-made. What comes out is fully dependent on what theoreticians and programmers have put in: hypotheses, assumptions, relationships, parameterisations, stability constraints, etc.

“Unfortunately, in mainstream climate science, most of this input is undeclared.”

“To believe the outcome of a climate model is to believe what the model makers have put in,” it continued.

“This is precisely the problem of today’s climate discussion to which climate models are central. Climate science has degenerated into a discussion based on beliefs, not on sound self-critical science.

“We should free ourselves from the naïve belief in immature climate models.

“In future, climate research must give significantly more emphasis to empirical science.”

Under the heading, “there is no climate emergency” the article continued to touch upon its opening points.

“Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures,” the group said.

The group said that the “planet has existed with natural cold and warm phases” and that there is “no surprise that we now are experiencing a period of warming.”

They also suggested that warming is far slower than predicted and that “we are far from understanding climate change.”

“Climate models have many shortcomings and are not remotely plausible as global policy tools,” the WCD added.

“They blow up the effect of greenhouse gases such as CO2. In addition, they ignore the fact that enriching the atmosphere with COis beneficial.”

They then said that “CO2 is not a pollutant. It is essential to all life on Earth” and that “photosynthesis is a blessing.”

It added “More CO2 is beneficial for nature, greening the Earth: additional CO2 in the air has promoted growth in global plant biomass. It is also good for agriculture, increasing the yields of crops worldwide.”

Speaking about global warming, the group said that there is “no statistical evidence that global warming is intensifying hurricanes, floods, droughts and suchlike natural disasters, or making them more frequent.

“However, there is ample evidence that CO2-mitigation measures are as damaging as they are costly.”

In conclusion, the World Climate Declaration (WCD), which will function as “Global Climate Intelligence Group” in the future, said that “there is no climate emergency.”

It added: “Therefore, there is no cause for panic and alarm. We strongly oppose the harmful and unrealistic net-zero CO2 policy proposed for 2050.

“If better approaches emerge, and they certainly will, we have ample time to reflect and re-adapt. The aim of global policy should be ‘prosperity for all’ by providing reliable and affordable energy at all times.”

“In a prosperous society men and women are well educated, birthrates are low and people care about their environment,” it concluded.

Leader of the UK Reform Party, Richard Tice, took to Twitter following the article’s reemergence to write: “1,200 Scientists & Professionals sign World Climate Declaration & say: “There is No Climate Emergency”. Eco zealots will squeal and go nuts. Rest of us know climate change has existed naturally over millions of years & always will continue.”

Another wrote: “I’m inclined to agree with them..”

However, some people question the WCD’s article and the group itself.

“I guess you didn’t do your background research on this organisation? You really shouldn’t take everything you read at face value!” one person said.

And another person said: “Er….how many say otherwise in their various papers? 1200 isn’t very many.”

“More CO2 is beneficial for nature.. right you are. Not,” wrote another.

Recently, climate activist icon Greta Thunberg faced some backlash from fellow climate activists who said they were sick of her, even going as far as saying a “de-Gretaisation” was beginning to take place.

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    • Felix Puga

      18 August 2022 • 21:50

      This wont matter because People wont miss the opportunity to virtue signal, gain microscopical attention on social networks and convince themselves they just changed the world

    • Dan Christensen

      21 August 2022 • 20:08

      It would be much more relevant and beneficial to investigate the relationship between climate-change and global population expansion!
      The solution to the mystery might be buried here.

    • Dan Alpert

      18 September 2022 • 19:27

      We have asked for proof of any climate/global warming emergency and how exact it is happening fir decades, but we’re just supposed to “trust the science” with no proof.
      I remember my High School biology class where I learned plants need carbon dioxide to live and without carbon dioxide and green plants, life is not possible because green plants convert carbon dioxide into food for themselves and give off oxygen as a waste product, which is what the moving organisms on the planet breathe. More carbon dioxide promotes the green plants to grow larger and put out more greenery to utilize the co2.
      No one to date has proven this as a fallacy.

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