Big Eyes Coin figures going to the moon – as countdown for the 250k giveaway begins!

Big Eyes Coin figures going to the moon - as countdown for the 250k giveaway begins!

Buyers and investors have been looking for a new cryptocurrency project where they would be able to make a good profit. Since the beginning of 2022, when the market for cryptocurrencies experienced a major decline. Every crypto expert has had their eyes on the next altcoin that would blow up, some crypto enthusiasts focus a lot more on adding altcoins to their wallets because they have time to conduct thorough research on the project.

With the different coins available on the market, there is so much to choose from. Meme coins have been a great choice for buyers, as people are easily drawn to them because of their likeability. Even though there is still volatility surrounding many popular coins, the presale market has remained unaffected and has continued to prosper. The pace of releases has not slowed down, and developments have continued. In this article, we will look at the Big Eyes Coin and why you shouldn’t miss out on an opportunity to buy some BIG coins whilst it is still in presale.

Pre-sales are booming for Big Eyes

Big Eyes Coin is a brand-new protocol that just launched its presale and has already raised about $2 million (BIG). Big Eyes is a new generation community token with a cat motif that seeks to distribute wealth throughout the DeFi ecosystem and offer the option of financial independence to people who support the project. The current price is set at 0.0001357143 during stage 2 of the presale and it is set to have a 25% increase during stage 3.


90% of BIG will be available at the platform launch for the community together with NFT collections that are designed to make users happy and have fun. This will ensure that the platform is community-led. The platform also doesn’t charge any taxes or trade fees to promote meritocracy. Because there isn’t enough market liquidity to trade, the costs for many new enterprises are exorbitantly high. Liquidity won’t be an issue because Big Eyes has already raised close to $1 million and will make slippages obsolete on the platform.

All you need to know about Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes (BIG) is a coin that is driven by the community and aspires to transfer wealth to the decentralised financial ecosystem. The blockchain network is aware that community coins contribute significantly to economic growth and seeks to provide even more by using NFTs to enable access to additional events and information, making participation profitable.

The cryptocurrency initiative also intends to save an essential component of the global ecosystem by putting 5% of its total profits into a charity wallet that will be distributed to organisations that support the preservation of marine life. Given that cats are accustomed to eating fish, its creators have already devised a clever technique to link their feline-themed token.

Big Eyes Coin NFTs

The community will also decide on the token’s future, and several activities are planned to attract users and revitalise the neighbourhood. The NFT Sushi Crew, in which owners of Big Eyes Coin NFTs will be able to take part in special gatherings and events, is one of these projects, along with the comic books and other material that will expand on the Big Eyes Coin setting and characters.


250k Giveaway

Big Eyes Coin is preparing a BIG giveaway of up to 250k worth of BIG coins. To enter this giveaway all you have to do is follow Big Eyes on Twitter, share the 250k giveaway image and fill out a form to be among one of the lucky winners.

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