Felanitx will host its traditional Black Pepper Festival at the end of October

The town’s famous pepper is traditionally used during harvest season to flavour meat dishes

A regional cultural heritage event is set to take place once again at the end of October. The Fira del Pebre Bord will be celebrated in the town of Felanitx on Sunday October 23, as residents gather in honour of the town’s characteristic black pepper.

The Red Pepper festival is the last in the series of regional fairs of the year, before weather gets cooler. It takes place in the inland, mountainous town of Felanitx. The festival will be held at the Parc Municipal de Sa Torre and Plaça de Sa Font de Santa Margalida.

The festival traditionally marked the beginning of the winter season and the harvest, when locals would slaughter animals and use pepper spices to cook the meat as ‘sobrassada’ sausages. The festival celebrates the use of the distinctive black pepper to give the sobrassada its signature taste.

Special cultural activities take place throughout the one-day festival including a parade of the region’s distinctive giant puppets, gegants, live music and family fun activities. The festival also has a food focus and traditional tapas and local produce are on display throughout the day for visitors to sample.

More information about this year’s event will be released by Felanitx council in the next week.