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German gas goal to move off Russian pipelines with new Qatar deal


LANDMARK moment as Germany signs a new 15 year contract with Qatar for a supply of liquified natural gas. German industrial experts signed the deal with the Gulf nation for approximately 2 million tonnes of gas as they rush to reduce dependence on Russian pipelines.

State-owned Qatar Energy announced the partnership on November 29, saying that supplies would begin from 2026. American company, ConocoPhillips will be responsible for transporting LNG deliveries from Qatar to the German LNG terminal at Brunsbüttel.

There have already been mixed reactions to the policy however, with some commentators saying the decision undermines Germany’s vocal criticism of human rights abuses in Qatar, including with several protests at the World Cup in Doha. Commentators have also questioned what this means for Germany’s environmental stance as the country remains committed to becoming carbon neutral.

In response to criticism, German Economic Minister and Green Party Member, Robert Habeck explained that in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Germany’s decision to stop relying on Russian gas, the country needs to take gas from a variety of energy sources.

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