Smart cleaning tricks to keep your home tidy over the holidays

Cleaning over the festive period doesn’t need to be stressful. Put five minutes into cleaning each area per day and your job will be simple

THE festive season is here and that means more guests than usual in our homes, which can make cleaning stressful. But today, we bring you three top tips to help make holiday cleaning straightforward and stress-free!

  1. Little and often

Cleaning your home doesn’t need to be an all-day job. Set aside five minutes each day for each area of your home. Your daily tidying tasks should include making your bed, airing the house, dusting the sides, and sweeping floors. Having a basic tidy standard will help everything else fall into place.

  1. Focus on key areas

When you have guests over, focus your energy on the rooms they will be using. Clean your bathrooms, kitchen and living spaces. The chances are, you can leave most of the bedrooms for later.

  1. Enlist help

In the festive period, lots of guests means extra help too. Send the kids off to the park while you get the house straight.

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