Tree-planting triumph in Benalmádena with more than 1200 new trees planted

New trees are set to provide much-needed shade and develop Benalmádena’s sustainable environmental policy

BENALMÁDENA continues to be a green paradise as the council announced that more than 1,200 trees have been planted in the town during the last electoral term.

The impressive environmental milestone was reached on Friday, December 16, as a team from the council visited a tree planting operation at and around La Paloma park. The local Environmental Department has selected a number of popular local streets for the planting operation, which included clearing debris from older trees, replacing dying trees and planting new younger trees.

Town Mayor, Victor Navas highlighted the benefits of planting the trees, “Here we have planted trees of various different native species that are resistant to climate change and only require small amounts of water”. Despite the pandemic causing disruption to the planting scheme, the council has managed to plant 1200 trees out of the planned 2000 during this electoral term.

Other than being eco-friendly, the trees also have a vital practical purpose, offering vital shade during hot summers. Larger trees have been chosen for the scheme to provide optimal shade and comfort to local residents and visitors.