How to get into the festive spirit at Christmas

Surround yourself with some of your loved ones to get into the festive spirit

THERE is a reason why the festive period last the whole month of December and into January, there is plenty to celebrate! But it’s not always easy to get into the festive spirit immediately. Here we share some of our favourite tips on how you can get into the Christmas mood.

Get together with loved ones

Christmas isn’t only about the gift exchanges. It’s also about those little magical moments spent with family and friends. Gather together your loved ones throughout the season for some quality time. Try cooking a meal together or planning a Christmas-themed cocktail party.

Make your own gifts

Handmade gifts are an amazing way to bring a festive atmosphere into your home. Making your own gifts can be cheaper, and a more thoughtful way to show your loved ones you care about them. Some great homemade gifts include a Christmas hamper, baked goods, or scented candles!

Give back to your community

An easy way to get into the spirit is by spreading some kindness. Donating some extra supplies to the foodbank in your weekly shop, joining a charity carol singing drive, helping a neighbour out or donating to charity are all excellent ways to spread Christmas cheer and get excited yourself!