The most festive Christmas plants to decorate your home with

Poinsettia is perhaps the most popular Christmas plant in Spain, bringing a festive feel into any living space

THE most magical time of year is here, and that means it’s time to bring some festive cheer into your home. Now Christmas is upon us, we share some merry and bright Christmas plants which will dazzle in your home, and bring joy to all!


This vibrant Christmas plant is hugely popular in Spain during the festive period, and for good reason! Poinsettia, which hails from Central America, is easy to care for and is a jolly addition to any space over Christmas.


Another Christmas classic, holly is the perfect feature in a wreath or any other kind of festive flower arrangement. The English variety is the most popular Christmas choice with bright red berries and rich green leaves.


It wouldn’t be Christmas without a bunch of mistletoe! Aside from the tradition which called for a kiss for every berry picked, this plant brings a unique festive touch into your home with its unusual bright green leaves and snow-white berries.


This exotic-looking plant is bound to impress your guests over the holiday season. The flowers need lots of light to bloom, but when they do, their beautiful petals will steal the show in any flower arrangement!