Motorway changes you need to be aware of: kilometre number shifts on the A-7

Kilometre numbers in the Andalucía section of the A-7 have changed to avoid duplication along the nationwide motorway

MOTORISTS in Andalucía prepare for changes as a renovation project gets underway to renumber kilometre markers on the A-7. The motorway, which lines the east coast of the country, is set for changes to kilometre markers to avoid duplication.

The scheme began back on Tuesday, October 11, and affects portions of the road from Almería to Algeciras. The Ministry of Transport embarked upon the project to avoid duplication of kilometre numbers between sections of the road from its start in La Junquera in northern Catalonia to its end in the Andalucían city of Algeciras.

The new system means that the road’s first kilometre is at its northern start, ascending towards the 1,122nd kilometre which is at its southern end point in Algeciras.

Various kilometre signs had to be changed in the south of the country including at Fuengirola, which changed from kilometre 210 to 1015, and La Herradura which changed from 305 to 960.

The changes mean that businesses will need to update any address information which refers to the kilometre number markers which could confuse customers.

Residents should also take care to ensure that any visitors who may have been accustomed to the old system are aware of the new numbering convention.

Motorists took to Facebook over the Christmas holidays to remark on the changes and in some cases, express confusion about the decision. Others were dismayed about the use of money, as the project costed more than €350,000, but authorities say the project is necessary to avoid confusion among emergency services and highway patrols.

The number changes date back to 2003 when sections of the older N-340 were connected with the current A-7 to create a faster nation-wide highway. Kilometre numbers were not always updated, which resulted in the system which stood for almost 20 years, with some numbers duplicated throughout the country.

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