UPDATE: China ‘reserves the right to take further action’ after US shoots down ‘spy balloon’

UPDATE: China 'reserves the right to take further action' after US shoots down of 'spy balloon'

China 'reserves the right to take further action' after US shoots down of 'spy balloon'

In response to the US shooting down the suspected ‘spy balloon’, China said that it ‘reserves the right to take further action’.

Sunday, February 5 at 4:30am

According to the New York Times, China said that shooting down their ‘civilian’ aircraft was an ‘excessive reaction’, and that it ‘retains the right to respond further’. Chinese government officials in Beijing insisted that the US action violated international norms.

Saturday, February 4 at 8:55pm

US fighter jets have shot the suspected Chinese ‘spy balloon’ out of the sky over the Atlantic. The incident was covered on a LIVE feed from Fox News. A cloud of smoke signalled the moment that the craft was hit, most probably by a missile from one of the aircraft.

Saturday, February 4 at 8:35pm

As reported by Fox News Live, US President Joe Biden has reportedly given the official order to shoot down the suspected Chinese ‘spy balloon’. It is currently said to be approaching the Atlantic coast of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

It would appear that the US military is waiting for the craft to head out to sea before bringing it down. USAF jets have reportedly been spotted circling in the vicinity of the balloon.

According to the Pentagon, another Chinese balloon has been sighted travelling above South America.

WATCH a LIVE feed from Fox News.

Saturday, February 4 at 7:43pm

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has closed the airspace above North and South Carolina in what a spokesperson described as a move to support a ‘national security effort’ by the US Department of Defence. WATCH a LIVE feed from Fox News.

Flights have been temporarily suspended from using several airports. Sites tracking the Chinese balloon online are reporting empty skies off the coast of South Carolina as a result of the order from the FAA.

This action comes amid online reports of US F-22 jets being deployed close to where the suspected Chinese spy balloon is travelling.

The USS Carter Hall (LSD-50) has been spotted headed south from Beaufort, NC. It apparently has a 30-ton crane on board which suggests it could be used for the recovery of the balloon if it is shot down.

Saturday, February 4 at 6:53pm

A suspected Chinese spy balloon that has been hovering above the United States for several days was spotted today, Saturday, February 4, over the city of Charlotte in North Carolina. After the sighting, President Joe Biden announced that the US was “going to take care of” the situation. The craft has since been spotted flying above Charleston in South Carolina.

Without elaborating on what was planned, Biden’s comment was a direct reply to a reporter asking if the high-altitude surveillance balloon was going to be shot out of the sky.

On Friday 3, US military chiefs decided against shooting it down due to the risk posed by falling debris. There were reports earlier today of US officials suggesting they would wait for the balloon to head out over the Atlantic before shooting it down and recovering it.

Diplomatic tensions have risen between Washington and Beijing since the craft was first spotted over Montana. Its location at that time was not far from one of America’s three main nuclear missile silos.

China insists that the balloon has simply been blown off course and is just a meteorological surveillance and scientific research balloon.

Washington officials however believe it is a spy balloon and claim that a ‘clear violation’ of America’s sovereignty has been committed. The Pentagon insists that the device is manoeuvrable and is flying at a height of approximately 60,000ft.

The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has already spoken with the Chinese diplomat Wang Yi about the incident. As a result, Blinken has cancelled his scheduled trip to China as the row continues. He was due to meet with President Xi Jinping in Beijing, as reported by news.sky.com.


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    • Kevin

      08 February 2023 • 16:30

      So the Chinese want to be able to fly spy balloons across the USA with no reaction? Imagine if it was America doing that to China.

    • Kenneth

      08 February 2023 • 18:20

      Remember 2001 the Hainan Island incident, our EP-3 Aircraft was forced to land in China, they kidnapped the crew of 24 for 10 days, made US pay for their lodging and meals. With the EP3 they got classified info, then disassembled the plane, gave it back to us in pieces. Keep it, get what info you can from balloon, then shred it, give it back to China that way in a garbage bag, tell them that we recycle. If they can do it, so can US.

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