Prophecy of the Silver Cat: Big Eyes Coin Hit $31 Million amid market volatility, gap widens between Dogecoin & Shiba Inu

A little story time for our crypto family– according to a prophecy, a silver cat will come and rid the tribe of the dangerous mountain cat ‘Sharptooth.’ Well, to be fair, market volatility is the only Sharptooth that’s threatening our crypto tribe currently. The volatility of cryptocurrencies is one of the major reasons why investors are being skeptical about investing. It is important to note that the crypto world recently witnessed the most disastrous season in the history of cryptocurrencies. Although things are seemingly getting back to normal with the season changing, the fear of market volatility still looms. But, good news for our crypto investors because the silver cat, aka the Big Eyes Coin, is finally here to save the crypto world!

Big Eyes Coin is already off to a heroic entry -officially, the BIG presale is one of the most successful events of this decade! Big Eyes Coin has broken the records of some most popular cryptos with its amazing presale, and the frenzy is still going on as it recently hit the $31 million mark at the beginning of the 12th presale stage. The numbers are showing no signs of stopping!

The Big Eyes Coin community is bonded by the immense love for cats. Investors are adopting this financial pet due to its irresistible cuteness, and if you don’t know already, cute is currency! The Big Eyes cat is definitely here to do BIG things, and based on how incredible it is doing despite the market conditions, we can surely say that this cat is all set to become the next crypto sensation! So, if you haven’t already invested in Big Eyes Coin, you’re missing a solid chance to become the next crypto millionaire.

Dogecoin VS Shiba Inu -Is the dogfight still happening?

The meme coins that gained the most traction in recent years are Dogecoin & Shiba Inu. Originally, Dogecoin was responsible for coining the term meme coins as it originally started off as a joke. However, thanks to our internet community, this meme coin soon attracted a lot of investors for bringing up this unique concept. Today, Dogecoin is the only officially launched crypto coin that holds a spot in the top ten cryptocurrencies.

To challenge its authority, another daring dog soon entered the territory of the crypto world. Yep -the innocent-looking Shiba Inu. But, before you get fooled by the innocence of SHIB, let us tell you that this crypto marketed itself as the ‘Dogecoin killer’ -yikes! This dogfight soon became very interesting for the crypto investors as everyone was invested in seeing the outcome of this ultimate dogfight. However, just like any other story, this one, too, witnessed a plot twist. After the recent crypto coldwave, the intensity of this dogfight has quite visibly faded. Shiba Inu has lost a few ranks as it continues to face downfall by losing 10.09% in the last seven days. Meanwhile, Dogecoin has actually ranked up by defeating Polygon and securing the eighth spot from the top.

Till now, Dogecoin appears to be undefeated, but if the prophecy of the silver cat comes true, Big Eyes Coin can actually beat Dogecoin to reign the crypto world! If you wish to watch this prophecy come true, get your front-row seats today and get ready to win BIG with the Big Eyes Coin Community!

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