The power of online influence: How Big Eyes and Dogecoin have shaken up the Crypto World through Memes and Social Media

The power of online influence: How Big Eyes and Dogecoin have shaken up the Crypto World through Memes and Social Media

The power of online influence and social media has grown significantly over the last decade or two. Particularly millennials can recall the rise of social networking platforms such as My Space, MSN, and Facebook and the start of the social phenomenon we now call memes. These two things in particular, have assisted in the rise in visibility of the crypto world, more specifically, Big Eyes (BIG).

Social Media, viral Memes and everything inbetween

The term ‘meme’ isn’t as new as many may think it is. The word was first used in a 1976 book titled ‘The Selfish Gene’ by Dr. Richard Hawkins, an evolutionary biologist. ‘Meme’ was defined as a behaviour, style, or idea that is spread from person to person within a cultural setting. The word stems from the Greek word “mimeme,” which means a thing that is imitated.

Throughout the last decade, memes have been used as a coping mechanism by modern society. The world tends to use memes as a way to bring humour and light to things that might otherwise be a tragedy. For example, during the first lockdown while the pandemic was happening, the networking platform TikTok became significantly more popular, and many people made funny videos addressing the pandemic.

One of today’s most influential cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin, stemmed from a viral internet meme that received a lot of attention from celebrities like Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg. The viral ‘Doge’ meme was first discovered in late 2005 but has since become an internet sensation. The meme consists of a Shiba Inu breed dog giving a side eye to the camera surrounded by sarcastic comments such as ‘much fashion’ or ‘such swag’, which could be used in response to someone wearing a questionable outfit.

Dogecoin currently sits at number nine on the coin market cap after it truly blew up in 2021. Dogecoin was originally launched by two Reddit friends who hadn’t met in person as a response to the crypto OG, Bitcoin (BTC). The two friends saw many ways that the Bitcoin service could be improved, so they vowed to do just that. One flaw that Bitcoin had was that there were and still are only 21 million in circulation, whereas Dogecoin was designed to be a limitless token, as there are currently over 130 billion Dogecoins, as well as 10,000 mined and produced per minute.

The fact remains that without memes and social media, Dogecoin wouldn’t be the token that it is today. This brings hope that Big Eyes will soon follow in the footsteps of one of the greats.

Big Eyes: Crypto’s First Influencer Cat

Big Eyes is paving the way to becoming one of the most influential coins in crypto. Big Eyes is personified by a cute, wide-eyed cat who just cares about helping the planet and assisting the community. Big Eyes have created an outreach on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, generating almost 50 thousand followers across both platforms.

Big Eyes even had its very own three-dimensional billboard in Times Square in New York City. Because of its extensive collection of billboards, Times Square is known throughout the world and is a popular destination for tourists and locals to visit and take pictures, which is great for creating a buzz on social media among crypto enthusiasts.

For a limited time only, by using $100 or more, investors can gain an extra 300% with three loot boxes using the vault code 300. This one-time offer shall entice more people into investing in Big Eyes. It isn’t all about the influence Big Eyes has on the people, it is also about the planet. Big Eyes has dedicated five percent of all tokens to help save the oceans from overfishing and pollution. Big Eyes is hoping that its social media presence can help raise awareness of the state of the planet and what global warming is doing to our world.

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