The best property lawyers on the Costa del Sol (2023)

The best property lawyers on the Costa del Sol (2023)

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If you are buying or selling a property on the Costa del Sol, it is essential that you find a trusted and reputable property lawyer to provide valuable support and guidance throughout the property transaction process, ensuring that your rights are protected, and minimising the potential risks and complications.

That’s why the Euro Weekly News has put together this essential guide to the best property lawyers on the Costa del Sol – the team at Sanchez Solicitors, to guide you through each step of your journey.

Property law can be complex, especially in a foreign country with another language to contend with. Having a lawyer who specialises in real estate law ensures that you have an expert guiding you through the process. They are knowledgeable about local laws, regulations, and procedures related to property transactions in Spain, and can help you with all of the necessary paperwork and legalities.

The experienced and professional team at Sanchez Solicitors are the best property lawyers on the Costa del Sol to help you on this important journey.

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The best property lawyers on the Costa del Sol

Our recommendation

Sanchez Solicitors

Fully committed to finding the best solution for clients’ concerns, the professional and experienced team at Sanchez Solicitors makes your issues their own. It is this philosophy that sets them apart from other law firms in the area, allowing them to provide excellent legal services such as real estate law, banking claims, traffic accident compensation, medical malpractice, corporate tax advice and all kinds of legal services.

Communication is key when navigating legal issues. The specialist team at Sanchez are among the best English-speaking lawyers in Malaga and the Costa Del Sol area, also speaking Spanish, Swedish, French, Polish, Dutch and German. You will be attended to within 48 hours of your enquiry, in the peace of mind that you will be fully understood and taken care of.

Sanchez Solicitors want to welcome you to be a part of their firm, helping you in the present and the future.

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Nerja address: Calle Diputación 13, 29780 Nerja, Málaga

Fuengirola address: Av. Ramón y Cajal, 2, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga (Enter through calle Jacinto Benavente)

Telephone: 951 21 46 36



What does a property lawyer do?

Having a property lawyer on the Costa del Sol, or any other location in Spain, is beneficial for several reasons. Here are some of the key reasons why you might need a property lawyer in that area:

Legal expertise: Property law can be complex, and having a lawyer who specialises in real estate law ensures that you have an expert guiding you through the process. They know all about local laws, regulations, paperwork, documents, and procedures related to property transactions in Spain and will ensure that you are protected.

Due diligence: A property lawyer can conduct thorough due diligence on the property you intend to purchase. They will investigate the legal status of the property, review the title deed, check for any outstanding debts or liens, and ensure that there are no legal issues that could affect your ownership rights.

Contract review and negotiation: When buying or selling a property, there are contracts involved that need careful review. A property lawyer can examine the purchase or sale agreement, identify any potential issues or unfavourable terms, and negotiate better terms on your behalf to protect your interests.

Assistance with documentation: Property transactions often involve a significant amount of paperwork, including property registration, taxes, permits, and other legal documents. A property lawyer can guide you through the documentation process, ensuring that everything is completed correctly and complies with local regulations.

Dispute resolution: In the case of any property-related disputes or conflicts, having a property lawyer can be crucial. They can provide legal advice, represent you in negotiations or court proceedings, and work towards a resolution that protects your rights and interests.

Language and cultural barriers: If you are not fluent in Spanish or unfamiliar with the local customs and practices, a property lawyer can bridge the language and cultural gap for you. They can communicate with local authorities, review legal documents, and negotiate on your behalf, ensuring that you fully understand all aspects of the transaction.

best property lawyers costa del sol
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Property law with Sanchez Solicitors

Sanchez Solicitors provide comprehensive advice to nationals and foreigners in Málaga in the acquisition and sale of real estate and execution of construction.

Their services include:

Legalisations of dwellings

In Spain, the process of legalising a dwelling typically depends on the specific circumstances and the region where the property is located. A few points that will be considered are building permits, Certificate of Occupancy (Cédula de Habitabilidad), and title deeds.

Cadastral regularisations

Cadastral regularisations in Spain refer to the process of updating and correcting the official cadastral records and maps of properties in the country. The cadastre, or “catastro” in Spanish, is a public register that contains information about property ownership, boundaries, and characteristics. It’s important to note that cadastral regularisations can vary depending on the specific regulations and procedures in each region or municipality.

Real estate conveyancing

Real estate conveyancing in Spain refers to the legal process of transferring ownership of a property from one party to another. It is an essential step in buying or selling real estate in Spain and involves various legal procedures to ensure a smooth and legally valid transaction. It is highly recommended to hire a qualified Spanish lawyer who specialises in real estate law, such as Sanchez Solicitors, to assist you throughout the conveyancing process. They will guide you through the legal requirements and protect your interests.

Advice to investors and developers

The team at Sanchez Solicitors can advise investors and developers on all aspects of the buying or selling process on the Costa del Sol. This includes planning and permissions, tax consolidations, sustainability and environmental issues, contracts, and agreements.

Drafting of tenancy contracts for dwellings and business premises

Drafting tenancy contracts for dwellings and business premises involves creating legally binding agreements that outline the terms and conditions of the rental arrangement between the landlord/property owner and the tenant/occupant. This will usually include a property description, terms of tenancy, rent and security deposit details, use of property agreement, an outline of responsibilities (eg. in the case of repairs), termination and renewal agreements and details, additional clauses, and the signature of the tenant and the landlord.

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