‘One Player Is Gonna Die’ – WATCH Tennis Ace Send Ominous On-Court Message

A wide angle shot of the famous US Open tennis court

A wide angle shot of the US Open tennis court. Image: Warner Bros. Discovery.

Daniil Medvedev has claimed a player is ‘gonna die’ in the future amid grueling conditions at this summer’s US Open with temperatures pushing athelets to the limit.

Medvedev sent the ominous message to viewers and organisers of the US Open amid fears around player and fan welfar this summer as temperatures continue to skyrcoket and make playung veyr uncomfrtable for these elite level athletes, and it doesn’t get much better in the stands.

The Russian ace beat fellow countrymen Andrey Rublev after a two hour and 48 minute battle in New York where temperatures got up to 90 degrees farenheight, and that was even with the retractable roof being half closed to ensure both players were somewhat protected from the sun.

If that roof had been fully closed then both players would have likely suffered more from the heat as an indoor court can get extremely hot and stuffy quickly.

So, that was the best solution, althgouh the timing of games has come under scrutiny due to these rising tempartures year on year, largely down to the impact global warming is having on many apsect of life, and nobody appears to be safe.

Post-Match, Medvedev spoke at length about how he and Rublev left everything and more out on the court, which he hopes came throguh the cameras because they both were phsycially shaken up due to the conditons and what they had just put their bodies through.

While these players are elitel level performers and right at the top of their game, more due dilligence and care must go into protecting them otherwise someone will get seriously injured one day, which is not what anybody wants as they showcase in front of millions worldwide.

Medvedev was obviously joking about someone going to die, but ahead of his semi-final blockbuster match against Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz, it is a warning that must be taken on board by those in power, and it wasn’t a stament they could avoid either.

The Russian semi-finalist said the following: “I don’t know if it could be seen through the camera, because we are sweating so much and use a lot of towels.

“I have no skin left on my nose here, and, like, here it’s red, but it’s not because of the sun so it’s not like you’re burned but I have no skin left.

It was during the game though which will have sent shockwaves throughout the tennis world and made people realise how tough it is to be playign in New York at the minute when during the third-set, Medvedev went over to his towel and said into a camera, “One player is gonna die and they’re gonna see.”

The worrying thing in many sports now is that players and top level athletes are simply seen as cash cows, people in power wish to make as much money out of them as possible when it comes to TV deals, sponsorships and playign even more games at times better suited for fans, and if that continues, it won’t be long until someone is seriously injured and must take evasive action.

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