The Spanish Inspiration Behind Disney’s First Movie

The Spanish Castle That Inspired Disney

The Alcazar of Segovia. Credit: Ministrillo/Creative Commons Attribution-share Alike 4.0

Did you know that an iconic Spanish castle was the inspirational backdrop to the first full-length Disney movie?

On its centenary celebration, Disney has curated a list of 30 remarkable real-world locations that have graced its unforgettable films across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Among these, an enduring urban legend in Segovia, Spain, has been confirmed. The Alcazar of Segovia, which dates back to the 12th Century was indeed the inspiration for Snow White’s enchanting castle, writes 20 Minutos.

A Castle Born Of Spanish Inspiration

For years, Segovia’s locals have held firm to the belief that their Alcazar was the blueprint for Snow White’s fairy-tale castle. Disney has now substantiated this claim, acknowledging the Alcazar’s influence in the creation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ iconic castle, which premiered in 1937.

Disney Reveals Iconic Locations

To mark its century of entertainment, Disney has unveiled a collection of its most beloved cinematic settings spanning 13 countries. From London’s iconic Big Ben to Kenya’s breath-taking Masai Mara savanna, these locations have left an indelible mark on Disney’s cinematic legacy.

A Hidden Gem Recognized

A survey conducted by The Walt Disney Company reveals that only 14 per cent of Spaniards were aware of the Alcazar of Segovia’s role in inspiring Snow White’s castle, although in Segovia, this figure is probably much higher.

Furthermore, the survey indicates Spaniards’ would love to see national treasures like Granada’s Alhambra (29 per cent), Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia (19 per cent), and Seville’s cathedral (9 per cent) featured in future Disney releases.

Spain’s Disney Favourites

When it comes to Disney movie scenes cherished by Spaniards, the top choices include the spaghetti-sharing scene in Lady and the Tramp, followed closely by the dwarfs singing “Ay ho” in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Scenes featuring Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and children soaring around Big Ben in Peter Pan, and Aladdin and Jasmine on their magic carpet in Aladdin also scored highly in the survey.

Disney’s Homage To Iconic Films

Disney pays homage to its timeless films with a captivating photo series that recreates legendary scenes. These include Alice in Great Fosters’ Labyrinth in England (inspiration for Alice in Wonderland), Mary Poppins in front of Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London, the Calanais Standing Stones in Scotland from Disney and Pixar’s Brave, and a delightful recreation of a scene from 101 Dalmatians.

Disney’s centenary celebration reveals the magic behind its iconic film locations, shedding light on the Alcazar of Segovia’s role in inspiring Snow White’s castle. As Disney continues to entertain audiences worldwide, it remains rooted in the appreciation of real-world beauty and wonder that inspired its founder, Walt Disney.

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