Nora Johnson – Parliament goes off the rails – ending up in Disneyland

In an absurd twist of fate, a train journey carrying hundreds of MEPs and EU officials took a whimsical detour to Disneyland, turning an ordinary commute into a memorable escapade. This misadventure unfolded during the monthly shuttle service between Brussels and Strasbourg, a journey that has long been a subject of controversy due to its exorbitant £90 million ANNUAL cost.

As the train left Brussels behind, MEPs who usually gazed at rolling hills on their way to Strasbourg found themselves amidst the whimsical realm of Disneyland. The iconic Main Street USA, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain and Peter Pan’s Flight came into view, creating a surreal contrast to their usual routine.

Amidst the confusion, one witty observer questioned, “‘Where dreams come true’ – will Disney’s slogan soon be that of the European Parliament?” The unexpected turn of events sparked amusement and commentary among the passengers, with some jokingly demanding an end to this infamous “travelling circus” that shuttles them between Brussels and Strasbourg.

One MEP couldn’t resist a playful remark, pointing out that there were “no free attractions” on the train. This tongue-in-cheek reference highlighted the exorbitant cost of the monthly shuttle service, which is a recurring point of contention among MEPs. To make matters even more amusing, he expressed satisfaction with the change of direction, as it meant he was finally facing forward. Oops!

However, the incident and the subsequent jesting served as a humorous reminder of the broader issues at play. The excessive expenses and the considerable environmental impact of the shuttling between Brussels and Strasbourg have led to growing calls for reform. The incident at Disneyland brought attention to the absurdity of the status quo, creating a memorable episode in the ongoing campaign for a “single seat” for the European Parliament, which would eliminate the need for these costly and logistically complex journeys.

Amidst the laughter and cheeky banter, it was clear that this unplanned visit to Disneyland had transformed a mundane commute into an unforgettable experience. The parliamentarians found humour in the situation, but it also shone a light on the necessity for change.

As MEPs and EU officials continue to discuss this extraordinary detour, the incident’s lasting impact on the debate surrounding the Brussels-Strasbourg shuttle remains uncertain. Nevertheless, one thing is certain: Mickey Mouse, the emblem of Disney’s magic, remained elusive and unavailable for comment throughout this whimsical European escapade.

In conclusion, the enchanted detour to Disneyland was a testament to the unpredictability of life and the ability of even these distinguished individuals to embrace the absurdity of the moment. Perhaps it is in these unexpected twists that the European Parliament may find inspiration for a more streamlined and efficient future, where they can focus on matters more pressing than wayward train rides to fairytale lands.

Alluding to criticisms levelled at the so-called “travelling circus” that ferries MEPs to Strasbourg – and this unscheduled Mickey Mouse experience – one MEP joked: “We are NOT a Mickey Mouse parliament.”

Donald Duck was also unavailable for comment.

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