Is Santander Spain’s New Gastronomic Capital?

Santander: Spain's New Food Capital

Santander Foodie 2023. Credit: Fagor Professional Foodservice/

Can a city transform its identity through cuisine? In Santander, a city renowned for its culinary prowess, this transformation is not just a possibility but a tangible, delicious reality.

In a country like Spain, where the art of gastronomy is a cornerstone of culture, Santander has emerged as a leading gastronomic destination, according to Next Spain.

This transformation is a product of the city’s seamless integration of rich, local traditions with modern culinary innovations. The surge in gastronomic tourism has not only bolstered the regional economy but also placed Santander at the forefront of Spain’s culinary map.

A Hub Of Culinary Excellence

Professionals from various culinary backgrounds are drawn to Santander, enhancing its gastronomic scene. The city boasts an impressive array of accolades, including two Michelin Star restaurants, one with a Michelin Green Star, five Big Gourmand distinctions, four Repsol Guide Suns, and 32 Soletes. These recognitions firmly establish Santander as a gastronomic haven for food enthusiasts.

Santander’s commitment to culinary arts extends beyond prestigious awards. The city hosts the annual Santander Foodie event every October, attracting food lovers, influencers, and top chefs. Throughout the year, various weekend activities, such as the popular ‘drink + pincho‘ offer, encourage the exploration of local km 0 products, fostering a vibrant culinary community.

Santander’s Sustainable Approach

At the heart of Santander’s culinary strategy is a commitment to sustainability. The Santander Kilometre Zero project is a key component of this commitment, encompassing a range of activities including professional meetings, gastronomic days, and visits to local farms. This initiative underscores the city’s dedication to promoting sustainable and responsible gastronomy.

Santander’s rise as a gastronomic capital is a shining example of how culinary excellence can shape a city’s identity. Its blend of tradition and innovation, along with a vibrant year-round culinary scene, makes it a must-visit destination for any food lover.

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