The latest Loch Ness Monster sighting – spoiler – it’s not the colour you think!

One of the most famous ‘proofs’ of Nessie Credit: Marmaduke Arundel "Duke" Wetherell/Creative Commons

The latest sighting of the famously illusive Loch Ness Monster was recorded on January 24, 2024, and the tourist who saw it claims he was most surprised by the colour. 

Jarod Strong was close to Urquhart Castle on the banks of the loch, near Inverness, Scotland when he says he spotted the mysterious monster. However, although being surprised at the sight of old Nessie, he reveals the thing that shocked him most was that it wasn’t green! 

Jarod said: “I was near the castle with my family at about 1pm when I noticed a little movement in the water. Then the water started to move a bit more and a long shape came out of the water. It wasn’t the green which I thought he would be, it was more a dark grey colour. Then it quickly went away again but as it was going back under I could see a longer body”

The sighting apparently lasted about four or five seconds and the creature was spotted right in the middle of the loch.

Unfortunately for Loch Ness enthusiasts, it all happened so quickly that Jarod was unable to take a photo.

The incident has been reported to The Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register, as each year more and more people come forward to claim that they have spotted the creature of legend, or not! 

The register is managed by Nessie expert Gary Campbell, who has been performing this role since 1996. 

In August of 2023, following reports of sightings over the summer, a huge search for Nessie took place, which included the use of drones. No concrete evidence is reported to have been found. 

So, what do you think, is the Loch Ness monster really out there? For now only a few lucky ones who have managed to catch a glimpse can say they are truly sure. 

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Jennifer Popplewell

Jennifer is a proud northerner from Sheffield, England, who is currently living in Spain. She loves swimming in rivers, talking to the stars and eating luxurious chocolate.


    • Tobi

      28 January 2024 • 22:06

      Of course, it (or they) are grey. I saw it (or one of them) once around 1978 and it was definitely a grey, seal-like colour. The green cartoons and just for the tourists.

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