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Residing in Spain as a European: EU Citizen Registration.

European Union (EU) citizens and their family members enjoy the privilege of free movement within the EU, permitting them to enter and exit member states without visa requirements. Solely with their personal identification documents. However, if you wish to stay in Spain for more than 90 days, the situation changes. And you will need to register in the Central Registry of Foreigners in Spain, in order to obtain the corresponding certificate.


What documents and requirements do you need to consider, in order to apply and successfully obtain this certificate? To secure the Registration Certificate, compliance with Spanish authorities’ conditions is imperative. However, the requirements may vary if you are engaging in employment activities in Spain, studies, etc. In this week’s article we’ll analyse the most common case. Individuals who do not intend to work or study. In these cases, you must provide:

  1. Documentation validating that you have enough economic resources for yourself and family member, ensuring no reliance on the Spanish public assistance. Bank statements dully stamped by the bank, a certificate of a public or private pension, etc. All documents issued abroad, must be apostilled with the Hague Apostille, in order to be accepted by the Spanish authorities. A sworn translation will also be mandatory.
  2. Proof of having a health insurance with medical coverage during the residency.
  3. You must have a valid passport of your nationality, or your national ID.
  4. Two photographs.
  5. Padrón Certificate. That is, confirmation that you are registered as resident in the city or town where you are going to reside in Spain.
  6. You must also pay the standard tax from, that amounts to approximately 12€.
  7. Standard form EX18.
  8. If you are applying for yourself, but also on behalf of another family member, you must provide to the Spanish Administration proof of your kinship relationship. Marriage certificate, birth certificate of the family member in question, etc.

The administration can be very demanding when it comes to the requirements that documents must meet to grant a residency in Spain.  Especially those that are intended to prove a certain economic capacity. Often, poorly prepared documents can result in the application being rejected. That is why it is very important to check in detail all the documentation.

Acquiring the European Union Citizen Registration Certificate is indispensable for EU residents seeking prolonged stays in Spain. At White-Baos Lawyers, our proficiency in immigration law enables us to assist you with any residency-related procedures in Spain. Feel free to reach out to us for expert legal assistance.

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