Tomato twist: Murcian salad

Savoring Simplicity: Whipping Up a Delicious Murcian Salad Image: Shutterstock/ AS Foodstudio

Do you fancy a refreshing salad but you can’t stand lettuce? The Murcian Salad is for you, a Spanish delight rooted in history and tradition, also known as ‘moje’ or ‘mojete.’

The History of Murcian Salad

The star ingredient here? Whole peeled canned tomatoes. Dating back to the 18th century, this salad has its origins in the Segura garden region. Back then, locals devised a clever way to preserve surplus tomatoes, canning them in glass jars to last through the year. The Murcian salad emerged as a delicious result of this preservation practice, with residents near the Ribera del Segura seeking innovative ways to use their surplus tomatoes.

Preparation of Murcian Salad

All you need for this delicious salad is: 800g whole peeled canned tomatoes, two spring onions, two eggs (hardboiled), 200g canned tuna,50g pitted black olives, olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste. Chop everything up, toss everything together, drizzle with olive oil, and season with salt and pepper, and voila! A Murcian salad is perfect for those days when you don’t want to spend hours slaving over a hot oven.

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Catherine McGeer

I am an Irish writer who has been living in Spain for the past twenty years. My writing centers around the Costa Cálida. As a mother I also write about family life on the coast of Spain and every now and then I try to break down the world of Spanish politics!


    • Alan Bowman

      25 March 2024 • 11:51

      This is not an American news medium. They are ‘bottled tomatoes’ not canned tomatoes.

      • John Smith

        25 March 2024 • 12:56

        Thank you for your comment but in Spain you can purchase a whole ranged of peeled tomatoes in cans. Perhaps it would have been more colloquial English to refer to them as tinned but but I am sure that readers would have understood the intent. Certainly your observation that they can be obtained in bottles (or should that be glass jars?) is 100 per cent correct.

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