Mike Senker – Questionable banking

We had to transfer money to two different people. Patti’s bank sends her message to call them. She does and then the fun begins.

The questions become over the top very quickly. Do you know this person? Yes. How long have you known them for? A few years, why? What’s the transfer for? What’s it got to do with you? Patti tells them she’s very happy to make payment but the questions keep coming and she is informed that if she doesn’t answer her account will be frozen. Eventually the payment goes through.

I then go to transfer money to someone else who uses the same online bank. This is a little different as I paid one amount and it went through fine. I then realised that I made a mistake and needed to send more but the bank wouldn’t have it. I then get a call asking me the questions. I tell them immediately that I know it’s two payments to same account but it’s fine so can we just do it? The answer is simply no, you can’t and I then have to jump through hoops to get it done. I appreciate there is a ridiculous amount of online banking fraud but if you call or they call, it shouldn’t be that difficult to confirm should it?

I don’t often eat KFC, Burger King or McDonalds so I haven’t seen the new way of getting served if you aren’t doing a drive thru. I used to go to the counter and tell them what I wanted and within a few minutes I sat down to eat it. But not anymore. Now there is something that looks like a giant mobile phone with loads of instructions and choices and every time you press a button it asks if you want this extra or do you want the deal size option and all whilst you are serving yourself there are real humans standing behind the counter about two metres away. Why can’t they serve you like it’s meant to be? Meantime I’ve made a mistake and have to start again and the person behind me is getting arsey and is starting to tell me in Spanish what I’m doing wrong. I get the hump and just walk out never to return I promise.

Just got two new dogs named Rolex and Timex – they are watch dogs!

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Written by

Mike Senker

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