Human rights gone mad:

WELL, just when you think you’ve seen everything, up pops something even more unbelievable. Human rights do-gooders have finally topped all their past efforts in spades. The decision this week in Britain to release a prisoner from jail because it “contradicted  the human rights of his family”, truly does take the whole tin.

If this almost unimaginable practice is allowed to continue, it could mean releasing hundreds of prisoners, simply because they have a family. One of the reasons many potential criminals stay on the straight and narrow is because they are fearful of what will happen to their families if they go to jail.

If this ruling is allowed to flourish, it will encourage aspiring criminals to break the law, knowing they will get off lightly BECAUSE the have a family. Is that ludicrous or what? When is this British government who, at the beginning of their tenure, promised to clear out all this PC and ‘uman rights BS actually going to step in and do something?

Surely it can’t be that difficult. Just close them all down. Oh, sorry, I forgot, that would probably infringe their human rights. I despair of it all. Oh, and while we’re about it, what about the case of Philip Machemedze? This sadistic thug was a torturer in Robert Mugabe’s regime. He is alleged to have smashed a man’s jaw before pulling out his teeth with pliers. He whipped a woman before pouring salt in the wounds and participated in the ‘slow’ killing of a political rival.

Then he fell out with his  unsavoury boss. Where is he now? Yes, you’ve  guessed it. Living in the UK with his wife, at British taxpayers’ expense.  A judge ruled that he could stay in the country because if he returned to Zimbabwe he could be tortured himself (shame!) and it would therefore infringe his human rights to send him back. 

I actually Google’d this story and discovered this is no isolated case. There are scores of  thugs and murderers living in the UK because they may receive some form of retribution should they return to their own countries. Britain even gives sanctuary to people who have committed terrorist acts against the UK itself.  

No wonder the British are the laughing stock of the world. For heaven’s sake, get a grip, Dave. If you don’t, I forecast a positive deluge of support for the BNP in the next election. People really are heartily sick of it all.  

Keep the faith,

Love Leapy





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