Don’t think Sir Tom and Eng’s moves are so smart

IN my opinion two old friends of mine each made a mistake this week.

Sir Tom Jones’s decision to appear as a judge on the new X factor series and the Englebert Humperdinck announcement that he would be representing the UK in the Eurovision song contest.

Many moons ago Tom, Eng and, until Gilbert O’Sullivan came along, yours truly, were the only three acts in the stable of Gordon Mills the Welsh ‘wizard’ who ultimately launched each of our careers.

Gordon was a great exponent of the ‘aura’ phenomena.

This is the invisible cloak of untouchable mystery (in fact the original X factor) that surrounds the very elite of show biz and also often settles around other truly extraordinary people who are high in the public eye.

Gordon spent years building this elite entity around his acts. I’m sure he has virtually carousel’d in his grave at these latest announcements.

The problem is the phenomenon is far easier to knock down than it is to build.

(Michael Jackson’s was severely dented when he was shown in handcuffs on international TV) It’s all about being extraordinary and ‘ordinary’.

Mine went ordinary quite early when I was sentenced to my incarceration, an event that brought home in no uncertain terms that I was no different than the boy next door and just as fallible as everyone else.

To my mind taking on these two career chances could do exactly the same to Sir Tom and Englebert.

Apart from the total over exposure, Tom, never the most eloquent of speakers, will find himself week after week having to ad lib constructive and entertaining comments about the contestants.

One or two embarrassing slips and his aura will simply drop away, revealing a simple ordinary chap with a great voice.

Not that I think it would upset him too much, he has already achieved just about everything possible. Englebert on the other hand is a different kettle of fish altogether.

Years ago Eng. would have poured scorn and even have been insulted at being suggested for something as demeaning as the Eurovision song contest.

Ok he has been out of the public eye for so long he probably needs all the help he can get, but this could polish him off altogether.

The problem with this event is that if you win, or even come second, you go on like Cliff Richard, but if you lose you become a non-entity in about 24 hours!

No fella’s I can see Gordon bristling with horror at these decisions and urge a definite rethink on both counts.

Hark at me. What do I know? I’m just an old hack from way back.

Ah well cest la vie as they say.

Have a good week. Try and do someone a good turn or two.

And whatever ya do.

Always keep the faith

Love Leapy.

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