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WAR MEMORIAL: In memory of the sailors who died.

WARS are such gross failings of humanity the only way to cover the shame is to dress them up as noble. People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.

One of the great myths is that our system owes much to the Red Army that sacrificed 20 million dead. This figure deserves scrutiny. Let Soviet tyrant Josef Stalin explain. “It takes a brave Russian soldier to attack the Nazis, a braver one to retreat.” Get my drift?

The Red Army glorious? When in 1939 Bolshevik Russia invaded Finland the Red Army was routed by this small nation of farmers. In 1940 this hapless army brutally occupied the tiny Baltic States and Poland. Mass murder and deportation on an industrial scale commenced.

How did Westminster applaud Soviet repression? It rushed to defend Bolshevism when Germany, to escape a similar fate, preemptively attacked Bolshevik Russia in June 1941. Again, the Red Army was ignominiously licked; the much smaller armies of the Reich reached the Russian capital in just 10 weeks.

Should the pathetic Red Army be credited with turning things round? Without British assistance Bolshevism would have been destroyed 45 years earlier. Britain’s Murmansk 78 convoys totalled 1,400 ships. Its Merchant Navy lost 85 British ships, the Royal Navy 16 warships. Three thousand sailors died. The aid carried in these convoys replaced Red Army equipment abandoned to the advancing Germans as the Red Army fled.

Britain supplied the 6.8 million strong Red Army with over 15 million pairs of Army boots.

Whilst Britain’s largely undefended Far East was overrun by the Japanese, Westminster supplied Bolshevik Russia with 7,056 tanks, 14,795 aircraft, 1,550 RAF trained pilots and ground crew.

Philip Wilkinson, Chairman of the RAF Russia Association: “There is no doubt we were under pressure. We could have done with 40 Hurricanes going anywhere else but across the seas to Russia.”

Britain, at great cost to itself and Empire, went into overdrive to rescue the Red Army and Bolshevik Russia. The Murmansk convoys delivered 470,000 vehicles, 8,218 artillery pieces, 131,633 machine-guns. 345,735 tonnes of explosives.

Tragically, many of the free of charge 1,981 locomotives, 11,155 freight cars and trucks were put to use dispersing fellow Europeans throughout Stalin’s network of prison camps; few returned. Also to be included, the equipment needed to build the transport infrastructure to supply the insatiable Gulag with 20 million slaves including captured European prisoners-of-war. These lost souls were written off as ‘war reparations.’

Reading the complete inventory of British aid to the Soviet Union is depressing and wearisome. Alexander Solzhenitsyn: “Shame on those who sided with this monstrous regime. Shame on those who put to the backs of their minds such horrors and most of all shame on those who even today, knowing the truth express indignation about unproven German atrocities whilst glorying in or covering up the blood-soaked tyranny of Marxism.” Now, this is a Russian I will toast on May 8.

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