Unacceptable racism from the BBC

IMPLYING: That most of the 2011 rioters were from non-white minorities would have been racist if I’d said it.

CAN anyone tell me what the hell is going on?

How on earth can the BBC offer up jobs to only black and ethnic minorities? Never mind they acted under the umbrella of some ‘Creative Access’ charity organisation, this is blatant, utterly unacceptable racism, pure and simple.

In a somewhat ironic twist, the Creative Committee’s excuse for this disgraceful turn of events, was, that after watching hours of middle class white commentators failing to explain the confusion and chaos on the streets during the 2011 riots, they decided to form their organisation, because, wait for it, they felt non- white minorities would have a better understanding of the looting, arson and mass deployment of police.

Hallelujah! So finally they are actually admitting that most of the rioters were from black and ethnic minorities! Er just a minute, isn’t that racism? Well it certainly would have been if I’d said it! Oh and by the way, I suppose it all really goes without saying that the whole sorry exercise, including the individual bursary of £19,480 (€24,769) is funded by the British tax payer? No, I thought not.

To me, one remark of David Cameron during this week’s debate completely summed up the reason for his ‘in’ campaign. “When we meet to decide issues concerning the European market,” he said, “I sit at a large table with the leaders of the 28 member states and make decisions which affect the future of all the EU countries. If we were to vote out, I would no longer have a seat at that table.”

There ya go Dave. Told you the whole thing was about power didn’t I? As a final observation on the in/out ‘hokey cokey,’ it really doesn’t matter which way the result goes, we will still feel the full malicious retribution of the rest of the members.

Vote out, and they will try and make things as difficult as possible. And in the aftermath of voting ‘In,’ be ordered to now knuckle down and do as were told – or else. Well I know which one I prefer!

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy,

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    • Roy Peters

      09 June 2016 • 14:42

      Well Leapy I know which choice I would go for: Get Out!
      The E.U. started out as a good thing in 1975 when all countries were to work together to strengthen trade and commerce, but over the years it has been corrupted so as to be unrecognizable.
      It is clear that the European Parliament wants to run the whole Union from Brussels and that I will not vote for.
      All these sad people who think we should stay are under a delusion that things will get better – Not True!
      Our Brexit poll has woken up many people from various countries within the E.U., and they are starting to think like us. This will mean the breakup of the whole Union, and not before time. Eventually we will fall under the yoke of being governed by Brussels and all national governments disappear.
      The interference of of the Human Rights Commission has made a mockery of our justice system, and we have no control whatsoever on immigration. Cameron has not addressed either of these problems.
      As reported in the news, the rape of women and young girls is climbing steadily thanks to the flow of Muslim immigrants who think that our women are fair game.
      It is time that we ran our country as we see fit and not be dictated to by those idiots in Brussels.

    • Roy Peters

      09 June 2016 • 17:45

      The BBC has long been dysfunctional and it has got worse as time goes by. We need a complete change in the management structure to get it back to being a proper TV channel.
      All the idiots currently in charge need to be sacked, along with many of the presenters.

    • Yanto

      09 June 2016 • 18:15

      You are right. I would like to remain but to do that we need politians with the balls to kick down some doors in Brussels and get some reforms. Problem is jumping out is a bit like retreating from the battle field before the battle has started. It is also a step in to the Unknown.
      So far we haven’t anyone who has the stomach for a fight. Cameron’s recent attempt was pathetic. None of the three stooges running brexit could do it (which is why they have run up the white flag and are retreating)
      The EU is like a secret society. Hardly anyone knows who their EMP is, and what they do is an even bigger mystery. I know who mine is and have a broad idea what he does but I do not have a clue about the issues raised which way he votes, etc. Or what and what party line he follows.
      After all the lies and conjecture during the run up to this referendum I have decided not to bother because whatever the outcome our dim wit polititions will screw it up.

    • Yanto

      09 June 2016 • 18:52

      The break up of the union would be a ttragedy. The answer is reform not rertreat. A United Europe is a good thing, however we don,t have this. We have a bunch of people with only their own interests at heart.
      We need someone with the balls to go to Brussels and kick some doors down. Sack the commissioners and get some ethical people in to replace them. ((Not jobs for the boys)

    • Roy Peters

      10 June 2016 • 14:06

      Yanto, that will never work! After all the stupid meddling in a country’s affairs, and the idiotic rules they lay down there is not a cat in hell’s chance of the European Union ever becoming a proper state.
      Some of the rules they have handed down, or try to like the banana fiasco a few years back, make the whole idea of a one government state an utter farce.
      Try as you may you will never get rid of the idiots who currently run the parliament, for they will fight tooth and nail to keep their jobs. Don’t forget that none of them have been elected!
      With many other countries now wanting a referendum I can see the end of the Union in sight. It will fall apart like a pack of cards. Britain will be far better off if it gets out now!

    • Mike in ESP

      10 June 2016 • 19:46

      Yanto, I am afraid if you think we can reform the EU from within it you are very wrong, if they haven’t done it now they never will, the whole thing is a mess. The UK has opposed 72 measures in the EU Council over the years but these have gone on to become law… we can’t reform the EU, nor the EC nor Brussels, the only way is out… like it or not!

    • Mike in ESP

      10 June 2016 • 21:21

      I also think the BBC is bias but I watched Andrew Marr’s QT on Thur’s evening and got quite a surprise! Most people asking question where from the leave supporting audience and the only couple of people that asked questions for the Remain side of the audience came across as absolute numpties, with one of them Andrew Marr seemed to just brush over and move on she was so ridiculous! It actually seemed Andrew Marr was a little embarrassed at one stage as he had to make it clear it was a balanced audience and could someone supporting remain ask a question!

      I have to say, what a total idiot Eddy Izzard was on the show, he showed he should be involved in nothing other than what he does for a living because he was a total disgrace and embarrassment to the human race with the show he put on with QT, he was a total prick! How do these idiots get on a prime time TV program that is discussing a serious topic such as this?

      Anyway…. so all in all I would say that Leave came out way on top with a very supportive leave audience… a very pleasant surprise that I certainly wasn’t expecting knowing the BBC as I do.

    • the teddyboy

      11 June 2016 • 13:32

      Political Correctness is worst form of Racism we have in this Country.. & Ofcourse it is the White UK Citizens who Suffers.
      Our Local Fire Brigade were told as no Ethnic in Fire Service the must employ at least one.. This at time when they are cutting Back on Staff
      I have to deal with Fire Brigade so asked someone about it as I said they were being Racist !!!! How was their Reply.. ??
      Well quite simple if UK Born White citizen & Black Ethnic apply for Job.. They have been instructed to Employ the Black Applicant.. Irrespective if he is best for Job.
      So obviously they are being Anti White UK (Racism) Works both ways : They could not or would not agree !!! Wonder Why ??

    • the teddyboy

      11 June 2016 • 13:39

      Have to agree Eddy Izzard ( Whether he does good work or Not ) He looked & acted like an Idiot in the Program.. & I think BBC deliberately put him next to Farage : Knowing he would drown any sensible Comments from Farage !!!!!!!!!!! Infact how the Hell did he get on the Panel ????

    • Yanto

      14 June 2016 • 23:01

      IAgree those inside today will do nothing as r they have too much to loose. So let us hope put withdrawal sets off a chain reaction that results in the whole lot being demolished and we can start again
      Few people know their EMP. We never see ours yet our local MP and Counciller hold surgeries and are accessible
      Members of. The European Paliament are little more than gravy train riders.

    • Roy Peters

      15 June 2016 • 13:25

      Sorry Yanto, but I have to agree with Mike. So long as those idiots are in charge things will never change but only get worse.
      As Mike says, for years we have opposed rules and decisions made by the Commission and it has got us nowhere, for we have been overruled every time.
      As I have said before, those Human Rights idiots in Strasbourg have made a joke of our Justice System, and we have no control over immigrants. This has to change, and the only way to do that is to leave.


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