The cheats can cry all they like

‘CRYING BECAUSE THEY GOT CAUGHT’: Australian cricketers Cameron Bancroft (left) and Steve Smith face the media in the wake of the ball-tampering scandal.

OH dear. Poor little dinkums. 

Didn’t the sight of all those weeping willow wielders fair bring a tear to your eyes? Well it didn’t mine.  These so called Australian ‘sportsmen’ were not sports at all. They were cheats. They weren’t crying because they were repentant, they were crying because they got caught. 

Had their underhanded, unsporting actions gone undetected, they would have been splashed across the media all butch bronzed and beaming – with eager sponsors queuing up to pour even more money into their already over-stuffed coffers. And there’s the rub. These days sport is all about money. Gone are the glorious days of true sportsmen and women who competed against each other out of pure pride and sporting rivalry. 

During the amateur days of yore, apart from a couple of countries who used events as propaganda exercises, I can’t recall any accusations of cheating by the competitors or officials. Nowadays they are all at it. Doping, drugging, betting and game throwing are now regular features on the back pages of the nationals. Hardly any corner of the sporting world has not been infected by this greedy virus that leads to the ‘win at any cost’ attitude that prevails among the athletes of today. 

And you know what really sticks in my craw. Sooner or later they all seem to wheedle their way back in.  Even those who commit, what are to my mind unforgivable offences, are, after the authorities have considered their wrists have been slapped hard enough, allowed back in to carry on as though nothing has happened! 

Well, if I had my way, this unsporting bunch of arrogant manipulators would never be allowed to partake in any sporting event again. I also think they should be heavily fined and stripped of all past medals and winner’s awards. After all, who knows how long they have been at it? We must bear in mind, that they have also been cheating the public. When sports fans indulge in these events we like to think that everyone involved is competing against each other in an equally fair and legal manner, otherwise what’s the point? 

No, they can cry all they like. If it comes on top, they should all get the chop.  Don’t lie and cheat if you can’t take the heat! That’s my opinion anyway. After all it’s just not cricket is it cobber?

Another pair of wailers this week were the despicable duo who were dubbed ‘the Beatles’ (I bet that pleased Paul and Ringo!), by their equally despicable Daesh leaders after they were quite rightly relieved of their UK citizenship. 

‘We don’t belong anywhere’ they simpered. ‘We won’t get a fair trial.

‘Who’s going to campaign for us.’ What?! ‘Our Mums won’t know where we are,’ they drivelled on. You really couldn’t make it up. Perhaps they should have thought of these things when they were sawing off the heads of journalists or torturing and crucifying innocent aid workers. I wonder what sort of a fair trial those poor victims got? Not a lot I’ll be bound.

 Keep the faith.

Love Leapy [email protected] 

Leapy Lee’s opinions are his own and are not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers or sponsors.

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Written by

Leapy Lee

Leapy Lee's opinions are his own and are not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers or sponsors. Share your story with us by emailing [email protected], by calling +34 951 38 61 61 or by messaging our Facebook page


    • Colonel Blimp

      05 April 2018 • 17:08

      It’s just not cricket old boy. Oh, what ho chums! Lets get the horses and dogs out, kill a few foxes, shoot a few pheasants and deer. That’ll brighten us up a bit, what? Tally ho possums!

    • The UK TeddyBoy

      08 April 2018 • 02:19

      Having been a man who has never cried since coming out of Nappies
      I have never understood the people who do cry especially on TV Since Gazza got sent Off
      But again he was crying as would miss final & all the trimmings that go with it
      Aussies have always been portray as Hard Men ; Hard Drinking ; Mans Man
      But as bad as cheating is, it is also stealing from fellow sportsmen
      Because they get the Glory & pay checks that go with it
      So it is not Crocodile Dundee but Crocodile Tears
      The UK TeddyBoy


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