Concerts and live music in amazing Marbella Summer Nights

HEATING UP: Concert season in Marbella.

THE summer is certainly heating up! It’s so important to keep well hydrated, ensure babies and kids wear hats and are always protected from the sun even when just walking around (us too for that matter) and that dogs are not left in cars or taken out preferably during the day; its just too hot.

The evenings are usually a little cooler and so it’s very pleasant to go out particularly as we’re spoilt for choice of where to go: there is that much on at the moment and it’s concert season.

This week I went back to Starlite for the first time since it opened a few years back.

I was eager to see John Legend, but not keen on the thought of having to tackle the parking and the onward trek up the mountain on the minibuses. 

However, what a difference in everything; they really do seem to have got it together. The organisation at the car park was the first blessing I hadn’t expected. 

There were loads of youngsters (and a few not so youngsters) guiding the way for the cars into the car park, which was arranged in an orderly fashion, easy to negotiate (albeit so much dust walking back to the stadium from all the other cars still driving in that next time a face mask may be in order).

The walk wasn’t as long though as I’d recalled as a new side entrance was available with quick and speedy service to the top. 

The venue was buzzing with lights, music and places to eat and drink (all with queues that exceeded my patience) but a host of options and a great, vibrant atmosphere leading up to the start of the concert.

Camilo and Alvaro from the Press office were charming and very welcoming.

We were led to our appointed spot to report on the event which just happened to be a cordoned off section in a VIP area. 

This meant I could at last easily get a drink and from where I got to enjoy the show in all its glory.  

As the stadium was packed I didn’t stay until the end for fear of being hours leaving the car park, but I don’t think that will have been the case when I return for Pablo Alboran: I won’t want to miss a note regardless of the potential traffic consequences!

The real highlight for me however is ‘The Jacksons’ coming up next Thursday August 8 at Puente Romano Tennis Club. I am so very looking forward to it as I love the venue and I have been a Michael fan since as long as I can remember. 

Those of you who also grew up with The Jacksons’ cartoons on a Saturday morning and have danced and sung along to all their songs over the years will probably also be equally enthusiastic for this concert, so I look forward to seeing you there and to another perfect summer night.

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Nicole King

One of Marbella's most glamorous residents, Nicole King offers a taste of the best of what's going on in the Costa del Sol.