Accurate Weather Reporting For EWN Readers

Firstly we hope you enjoyed the gorgeous sunny weekend all across the coast’s which we predicted.

As our contact at the Met centre predicted on Friday rain will start to commence Monday/Tuesday so we have contacted our source of accurate information for an update for the next couple of days.

Here are his forecasts and predictions starting with the Malaga, Costa Del Sol region.

” Hello EWN, ok glad you enjoyed the 2 days of lovely sunshine as I predicted for you over the weekend, I’m quite envious as it’s not good here and have my winter woollies on!, right then let’s take a look – ok Malaga you are having a temperature drop today down to 20c at high point and will be mostly sunny throughout the day,  tonight clouds will increase as temperatures will be around 13c, this should lead to highs of 20c on Tuesday with a couple of afternoon showers  and as temps go 12c in the evening with I predict ” spotty showers” – around 2mm of rain to drop, wind speeds around 11-18 KM so can’t see violent storm weather! this will be followed by possible showers again through Wednesday but a little early yet to fully predict Wednesday for an accurate forecast”

Onto the Costa Blanca Alicante region.

“Different to the above for the Alicante region with a pressure of 1017.00 mbar could see lightning strikes amongst heavy cloud, rain could possibly start in around an hours time of 1.10 pm CET, as the evening approaches periods of rain, some heavy, and a thunderstorm I suggest watch out for flash flooding and this will continue on into Tuesday but should clear by the evening returning to cloudy conditions. Wednesday looks at present as it will return to light showers throughout the day and clearing in the evening”

Further North Costa Blanca

” As we speak (12.10 CET)  I see possible rain starting in 35 to 50 minutes and again lightning strikes possible for a period before heavier rains inbound for the evening. Rain should continue through Tuesday with the odd occasional break from rain. Wednesday at present looks cloudy with the occasional shower”

We asked our contact are we to expect the same levels as seen of the recent Gota Fria storms of recent times.

” No – flash floods as I say could come into play but not as lengthy as the storms of recent times where it was very heavy rains and continuous for day’s, rainfall is predicted to be less and clearing for sure by the end of Wednesday in the Costa Blanca. As I always say though this is the weather and never an exact science but this is my forecast for your readers”