Bar Fight Over Football – Six Brit’s Stranded In Spain On Bail

Six-holiday makers from Northampton who were arrested in Elche last month remain on Police bail and are banned from returning to the UK, having to report to Elche courthouse once a  month.
The six men were arrested and charged with ABH after they were involved in a fight with a group of local Spanish men while watching a football match in a bar.
Witnesses in the bar said that they assaulted a 36-year-old man, without any apparent cause, after which they ran off, each also resisting arrest before being batoned by the police to the ground.
The men all aged in their twenties, remain in Elche without funding or income and now say that they may be forced to sleep rough as funds run low.
They admit that they were involved in a fight involving football rivalry, but claim they were not the ones to start the fighting and not aggressors claiming self-defence
The men are said to have all lost their jobs back in the UK whilst they remain stuck in Spain on bail with passports removed.