Pakistani Warfare In Barcelona Leaves One Dead And Two On Death’s Door

One man  died and at least two others have been seriously stab wounds and cuts after a mass knife brawl broke out in Barcelona last night. 

Graphic pictures show two men lying semi-conscious and dripping with blood at a Barcelona metro station with bloodstains trailing all along the platform. 

Two groups of men – suspected to be rival Pakistani gangs – had battled on the streets using an array of weapons including machetes and baseball bats. 

Today police confirmed they were investigating the death of a man during the violent battle.

The mass fight broke out at around 10pm last night in Badalona, a city which is part of the Barcelona metropolitan area. 

The two injured men were seen badly injured at La Sagrera underground station dressed in Barcelona FC Club tracksuits.

A spokesman for the Barcelona police force said: ‘We are investigating the death of a Pakistani national last night.The incident occurred around 10pm during a fight between a number of people in an area of Badalona known as Salut. One of the participants in the fight died as a result of the injuries he suffered. Two other men were seriously injured”

Police arrested 9 people following the battle who are all Pakistani nationals.’