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PRINCE ANDREW: Claims he ‘never had sexual intercourse with that woman.’

PRINCE ANDREW: Claims he ‘never had sexual intercourse with that woman.’

In my humble opinion Clinton was a far better liar than Prince Andrew. Although the ex-president was actually telling more porkies than Pinocchio, his statement that he ‘never had sexual intercourse with that woman’ did appear to be somewhat sincere and believable.

By contrast Prince Andrews’s televised attempt at damage limitation was an utter disaster. Would you ever consider buying a used car from this man? Personally I would rather deal with Arthur Daley! Some of his denials were quite bizarre.

When asked about his young accuser’s accusations of him ‘sweating heavily’ he said that from his involvement in the Falkland’s war he had contracted a condition that meant he didn’t sweat! I looked this up. This malady is known as Anhidrosis and is an extremely serious condition that can be fatal. It needs special treatment and medical expertise – including carrying water spray to irrigate the body. Ever seen him having a quick spray over the years?

No? Nor me. The truth is, the whole exercise stinks of the usual establishment´s connivance to protect the backsides of the privileged and aristocracy at any price. As I have often stated in this column, in this respect they will stop at nothing. You also can’t help ironically drawing parallels between this latest saga and the Duke of Edinburgh’s alleged involvement in the Christine Keeler affair of the 60’s. The main perpetrator of those particular sexual shenanigans was Stephen Ward.

Ward was also arrested and put on trial. When it was apparent the trial was going against him, he incredulously asked was ‘nobody going to step forward and help him’? When it appeared they weren’t, he became a loose cannon and the following day could easily have blown the whistle on them all. That night, surprise surprise, he mysteriously ‘committed suicide!’ Well I can tell you, in the pictures that emerged of him being rushed out of his apartment on a stretcher there was not a medic in sight. He was in fact surrounded by ‘men in suits’ speedily hustling him into the ambulance.

This was of course the reason Christine Keeler went quiet, she was obviously petrified that she too could ‘unexpectedly commit suicide.’ All sound a bit familiar, doesn’t it? No, I’m afraid none of this damage limitation is happening by chance.

This is the result of a typical ongoing establishment conspiracy.  The main character in the investigation ‘commits suicide.’ The Prince goes on television to categorically deny any involvement and then the best lawyers money can buy go into court and endeavour to destroy those who have made the accusations. Unfortunately, because he totally screwed up, the prosecution must be rubbing their hands at the veritable colander of holes they can pick in his interpretation of the events.

My guess is his lawyers will now never dare risk him actually appearing on the witness stand.  One thing is for sure, there are plenty more worms to appear from this particular can before they do finally manage to screw the lid down. If they ever do!

Keep the faith. Love Leapy

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Leapy Lee

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