NEWS IN SPAIN: Submarine carrying 3,000 kilos of cocaine intercepted in Pontevedra

TWO people have been arrested off the Aldán coast in Pontevedra, Spain, after being caught carrying a large quantity of narcotics on a submarine.

An international operation intercepted the vessel on Sunday morning (November 24), which reportedly contained approximately 3,000 kilos of high purity cocaine.

Authorities have revealed that the submarine came from South America, with two of its three members being arrested by the police. The third managed to escape from the vessel, where a search has now been launched to try and find the missing suspect.

Agents from the Guardia Civil, Customs Surveillance and National Police are working to bring the vessel to the surface, however, we at Euro Weekly News understand that this may not be possible until reinforcements arrive.

The submarine measures 20 metres long with Galician Minister Javier Losada stating that this “method of drug trafficking is very inventive for the transportation of drugs in the Galician coast.”

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Isha Sesay