Outrage In Spain As Police Close Investigation Of Drowned Family At Holiday Resort In Southern Spain With Verdict Of Tragic Accident

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Christmas Eve in Spain saw one of the most tragic incidents in many years on the Costa del Sol as a father and his children all drowned at the holiday resort Club La Costa.

The Spanish Police have now closed the investigation citing it simply as a “tragic accident” and put the three deaths down to ” lack of swimming ability”

The investigation is closed even though the grief-stricken widow is not satisfied and still maintains there was something wrong with the pool, also leaving local residents in Spain outraged as they feel the police have swept the issue under the carpet and claim a Spanish “cover up”.

Mother Olubunmi Diya previously said in a statement all three could swim and insists something was wrong, indicating that she, together with her lawyers, will peruse a further private investigation to unravel the truth behind the mysterious deaths.

Olubunmi Diya refuses to accept the investigation outcome and will continue to fight the case for her lost family members said her lawyer, Javier Toro, who will be arranging private investigators to continue with the investigation.

Club La Costa, the resort involved in this particular case, has agreed with the Spanish police investigation and cited ” Mrs Diya’s claims are at direct odds to the Spanish police investigation”

The Spanish police are reported to have filed their investigation with Spanish magistrates with the findings to be made public shortly, possibly today or Thursday.

This latest news has not gone down well with local residents and holiday makers currently on the Costa del sol Spain who clearly agree with Mrs Diya and her lawyers and hearing the news they hit out to Euro Weekly News.

Dawn Watkins originally from Wales, resident on the coast for the last three years said: ” The minute this tragic incident happened, I said to my husband Mike, this will be covered up, they simply can’t afford, either the Spanish tourist board or the resort itself, to have it affect business, I really support the mother here and hope she follows through with a private investigation”

Andrew Bradshaw owner of a bar in Torreblanca said ” Money, it’s all about money, there’s no way three people simply drown together in a mid-sized pool, it’s a case of multi million pound resort versus the little people, backed by the Spanish tourist board. How often do we see criminals in Spain walk out of court simply because the are wealthy? We read about it all the time in the papers and I don’t think this is any different” he said, adding “It’s just my personal view, but you would take a lot to convince me otherwise”

Meanwhile Mary Gregory from Fuengirola hit out with ” It stinks, it really does stink, this is all being brushed under the carpet in my opinion, I knew it would be, I’m not surprised at all”

Peter Queen was another angry person ” I won’t use that resort again, I fully support the family’s view, something went on and it needs to be known, three people just don’t drown like that, the fella was a big lad, the son late teens, in a small quiet pool? get away!”

Even though residents are up in arms, showing their support with the bereaving family, they also know that a change in the official outcome is unlikely. Antony Webb from La Cala said ” The hard facts of reality, in my opinion, is that accidental death will be recorded and as the spring and summer approaches it will all be forgotten about, there will be no changes in life guard duty laws for hotels or resorts and we will just wait until the next ‘accident’ ” he said.

There’s clearly outrage amongst residents but the official investigation has now been closed and only time will tell if the family’s lawyers, through a second private investigation, bring any more facts to light.



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