Famous Spanish landmark portrays the star-crossed lovers of Teruel

CREDIT: Antonio Marín Segovia, Flickr

The city of Teruel in Northern Spain is the romantic setting for a tragic love story. It is said that the legendary events took place in 1217 between two young lovers.

The Lovers of Teruel, Diego and Isabel, belonged to the two most wealthy families in the city. But just before they were to wed, Diego’s family fell on hard times. To please his daughter, Isabel’s father agreed that Diego would leave Teruel to build his fortune. If the young man succeeded, he would return and marry his love.

For five long years, the family waited patiently. But on the day of Diego’s expected return, he failed to appear. Unable to wait any longer, Isabel’s father arranged a marriage for her the following day. Wretched fate would have it that Diego returned just after the wedding.  

That night, Diego sneaked in to the bedroom of the newlyweds and desperately begged Isabel for a kiss. Isabel refused, scared to break the sacrament of matrimony. Heartbroken, Diego died at her feet.

Isabel and her new husband secretly buried Diego, for fear of being blamed for his death. But during the funeral, Isabel kissed her one true love, dying as her lips touched his. Upon hearing the news, the people of Teruel buried them side by side, so at least they could be together in death. 

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