Love Island stars hit with ‘high-end prostitution’ offers

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Love Island stars have revealed that they’ve been hit with high-end prostitution offers, including £100,000k to move to Dubai. They have been targeted on social media by agents offering thousands of pounds for sex.

The former stars Rosie Williams and Tyne-Lexy Clarson both spoke to BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire about the offers they’d received via Instagram and have raised awareness to end the stigma. 

Rosie was on series four of the ITV reality show, and was once invited to move countries in exchange for 100k and all expenses paid for. Rosie told Ellie Costello: ‘It was an offer to move across to Dubai and be paid to be somebody’s companion out there’, she also added that she would never be tempted. 

Rosie told the cameras: ‘I was always warned about the trolling and warned that your life will change dramatically, but I’ve never been sat down and told, “Oh by the way, you could have men wanting to buy you.”

However when Tyne-Lexi was sent her first proposition she was just 19 years old. She said: ‘I had someone message me offering £20,000 for purely dinner and drinks, when I hadn’t responded to that, in the next three days it doubled to £40,000. When I came off the show, my profile had gone up, and the same person offered me £100,000.’

As well as Rosie, Tyne-Lexi was also offered a trip to Dubai. The offer was £50,000 in exchange for five nights. It also came with a non-disclosure agreement attached so she wouldn’t be able to talk about what happened on the trip. 

Tyne-Lexi continued to say: ‘It’s high-end prostitution and it’s scary to think that, they’ve probably sent that to thousands of girls on Instagram and who knows, a lot of people have probably done it because it’s a lot of money to some people, it’s life-changing money.’

A spokesperson for both Facebook and Instagram said in a statement: ‘Sexual solicitation is not tolerated on Instagram, and those who repeatedly break our guidelines will be banned. We want Instagram to be a safe space for people to express themselves. We invest heavily in tools and technologies to prevent harassment on the platform.’ 






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Lizzie Day