Medical Student Pauses Degree to Become High Class Escort

Jake Ryan, 27, has put his neurology degree on hold in order to become a high-class male escort. 

Describing himself as ‘Australia’s Alpha Male,’ Ryan offers his services to wealtyh women aged anywhere between 20 and 70 years old. He can potentially meet with up to EIGHT women per day.

Ryan has admitted that he can get lonely, despite all of these regular visits – it can be difficult to form relationships with the nature of the role, he says.

Credit: Instagram/JakeRyanLife

The 27-year-old informed Dail Mail Australia, that he decided to enter this adult industry as a ‘means to an end’, beginning with topless waiting – leading to stripping and eventually becoming an escort. This escalation took place over a five year period.

Initially, Ryan set himself the goal of making $2 million, however has since said that the job isn’t about chasing one figure. “You always fantasise about how much is the golden number – and retrospectively it’s a matter of how I can utilise the money that I have made and that I’m planning on making to afford that end result,” he told.

“I haven’t quite reached that goal yet but I think it’s a good start and if I decide at the time that it is enough to walk away and say I’ve done my bit then that would be great but I think a part of me is curious is to see how far I can go with it.”

Jake has not quit his degree entirely, he has only put them on hold. “There is a part of me that fantasises about continuing my degree or changing degrees into a different realm of anatomy and physiology but I do hope I can go back… and I don’t mind thinking I’ll be a mature student when it happens,” he said.

The jobs that Ryan involves himself in are not always purely physical, despite the stereotype around escorting. It can vary, sometimes being something as simple as a coffee and a chat.

Jake Ryan is indeed a fake name for his created persona. He feels the role is becoming more accepted, but remains anonymous in online photos. He is however open and honest with his family, claiming that they’re highly supportive of his choices.

“My family relationships are quite strong and my family do know what I do and I don’t hide anything from them,” he said.

The biggest thing for me was making sure that if they heard anything about me I’d prefer it to be from me rather than from someone else.”

Ryan is currently single, citing that it’s difficult to maintain relationships alongside his role. He says, “Because I’m travelling a lot it makes it very difficult to maintain a relationship but also the taboo side of being an escort is the emotional and mental stability required to date someone in my position or even to date a sex worker is very confronting especially in society today.”

Despite numerous interactions with women on a daily basis, he finds himself feeling lonely on occasion. “I wouldn’t say I get lonely a lot. I’m very much a recluse introvert in my personal life so I find solitude quite comforting, but I would consider that more of an alone time than lonely.”

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