All You Need to Know About Málaga’s Upcoming Film Festival On The Costa del Sol In Spain

All You Need to Know About Málaga’s Upcoming Film Festival

 Málaga’s film festival which is celebrated during the 13th and 22nd of March will distrbute itself between different spaces around the city.

 The Teatro Cervantes will once again be the main stage of the festival, where movies from the official Biznaga de Oro competition will be premiered. Apart from this, as always, the theatre will stage the opening and closing film galas, as well as the cinematographic tributes.

 The Teatro Echegaray and the Albéniz cinema will be two other primary theatres of the Film Festival. These spaces will showcase some of the documentaries and feature films from the 2020 Film Festival programming 2020.

 The Albéniz cinema will inaugurate the movie ‘Ofrenda a la Tormenta’ as well as the Golden Movie competition winner ‘El Perro del hortelano”, which has 7 different Premios Goya (the Spanish equivalent to Oscar awards).

 The Teatro del Soho Caixabank will also take part in Malaga’s film festival and showcase some of Spain’s best films of 2019, such as ‘Dolor y Gloria’ by Almodovar, ‘La Trinchera Inifita’ and ‘Mientras Dure la Guerra’. The Picasso Museum in Málaga will also feature various documentaries.

 There will also be exhibitions and other open-air activities in areas of the city such as la Plaza de la Constitutción, Alcazabilla, Calle Larios, la Plaza de la Merced, Muelle Uno and the Auditorium Eduardo Ocón.