Bad Hair Day On Spain’s Costa Del Sol Under Lockdown – You Are Not Alone – Social Media Gives Us A Giggle

Facebook users on the Costa Del Sol, Spain were asked the question, how’s the hair situation in lockdown?  We got some very funny comments and it shows we are keeping our sense of humor under dire circumstances.  This lifts our spirits and that’s exactly what we need in our community.  Amusing comments are as follows,  I am laughing out loud as I read them:

  1. I am still bald here!
  2. There weren’t many hairs before, nothing has changed.
  3. Our hairdresser is going to need a lawnmower by the end of this!
  4. My leg hairs are braid worthy.
  5. The greys are arising en masse ready for a coup d’etat on my head.
  6. With no hairdryer on the boat, I have reverted to the shaggy dog look.
  7. My roots are blacker than Boris Johnson’s soul.
  8. I sent my husband into Co-Op for Clairol root touch-up – mission not accomplished
  9. I am thinking of natural balayage.
  10. Never mind the hair, it’s permanent no bra time.
  11. Just tied mine up, greaseball!

I think we are all having a bad hair day, my partner who grows a beard a la Samson and Delilah, found his old shaver.  It made his day.  It’s the little things in life that make us happy.  Stay positive readers, we will get through this lockdown and a general quote puts us in perspective, “everyone has a bad hair day, the trick is not to have one on picture day”.

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Lisa Burgess