WATCH: Controversial Video in Which Police “Abuse Their Power” When Enforcing Spain’s Strict State of Alarm

At around 4:00pm this Sunday, on Bilbao’s Calle San Francisco an Ertzaintza, Basque police, patrol force detained two individuals, a man and a woman for attack a law enforcement officer.

This controversial video has come to light after a man, who was walking on the street, was being stopped as he did not have sufficient reason for being out of the house during the state of alarm. In the video, recorded by a witness, you can see how the man begins to approach the officer which causes the policeman to arrest him.

A few minutes later, a woman runs over trying to defuse the argument by stating that she is his mother and that, in her own words, “her son is crazy” trying to convey that he had a disability, and that he has the necessary permissions to be outside during quarantine. You can overhear her saying “take me with him”. However, when the policeman sees the woman approaching, he strikes her, and she falls to the ground. Finally, they are both detained and removed from the scene separately.

The witness, who prefers to remain anonymous has conveyed to news sources that these individuals are mother and son, regulars in the neighbourhood who were shopping in a supermarket on that same street. “The boy is not okay and for that reason he was calling for his mother to bring out a paper which accredited his disability, but she rushed down in panic and you can imagine what happened. She starts shouting to the people at her house to bring down the paper, but the policeman does not wait. She tries to come near them to explain and that’s when she is pushed” she explained.

This altercation between police and residents has quickly become viral and it has been shared by sites like SOS Racisim Bizakia who has labelled this as police who “abuse their power” as they have targeted this area for being one of the most precarious neighbourhoods with a high presence of immigrants.

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Laura Kemp

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