“A Danger to Lives and Liberties”: Spain’s Right-Wing Party, Vox, Demands Sanchez’s Resignation as Prime Minister

Spain’s right-wing party, Vox, has stated that they will not support the extension of the state of alarm, as they claim Sanchez “wants to turn Spain into a Chavez-style jail with ration cards”.

The leader of the Vox party, Santiago Abascal, has demanded the resignation of the Chief Executive, Pedro Sanchez, and his entire government, and brands him as a “danger to the lives, health, economic well-being, and liberties of the Spanish” people.

In this plenary session of Congress, Abascal has made clear that Vox will not support the extension of the state of alarm until May 9, as a result of the management that the coalition government has had over the coronavirus crisis, which he referred to as the “Wuhan virus”.

He has defended his view that the termination of the entire Council of Ministers is the only way to “save lives, jobs and even the Constitution and democracy”. The leader of Vox has reproached the Prime Minister for the high number of deceased individuals and positive coronavirus cases, which he believes are much higher in reality.

He also accused Sanchez of not being able to end the “massive house arrest, that has been enacted under the state of alarm by measures of confinement, although he has accused the current government of being very capable of turning “Spain into a gigantic Chavez-style jail with ration cards”.

Abascal claims that Sanchez and his government have had the “worst” crisis management of the entire pandemic across the globe, and he reprimands the government for “not even being able to honour the victims with an official mourning”. He claims that Sanchez has spent “more effort into hiding them than protecting them” as he insists the real number of fatalities is “many thousands more” than what has been recognised.

According to the far right party leader, all Sanchez has done is “lie, deceive, hide, confuse and manipulate reality”. Vox believes that Spain needs a government which I dedicated to alleviating the consequences of the pandemic, “saving lives and freedoms”.

He then showed his chauvinist nature by stating that they do no longer want “more announcements of the Greta girl or others of a progressive nature like supremacist feminism”.

Written by

Laura Kemp

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