Spain’s police on the Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca are prepared fully for Madrid attempting travellers for May Day period

The police in Spain on the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca prepare well for potential city travellers from the likes of Madrid for May Day.

AS May Day approaches presenting another opportunity for city dwellers to head to the coasts for a long weekend despite State of Alarm laws, the police having learnt lessons  from Easter are more than prepared this time.

Benidorm from this morning is already blocked off for any travellers who think that they can flout the law and escape to the coast for a long weekend.

Meanwhile on the Costa del Sol also road blocks are being prepared this morning around all the holiday home towns and areas to deny access and do spot checks on all road travellers.

As a double security and safety measure, Guardia Civil protection officers in orange hi viz jackets are being heavily drafted in to all costal sea fronts, to inspect identification papers of anyone walking the seafronts whilst extra patrols of Local Police will be carrying out extra inspections at supermarkets.

With parents and children now allowed out locally to the outside world for an hour a day, more officers are required to patrol to identify flouters and especially travellers from other areas who may think its ok to travel down from the cities and mingle with local residents.

A Civil Protection officer walking and inspecting the paseo in Fuengirola revealed how this time they are well prepared and what they will be looking out for:

“Easter saw people arrive from inland especially Madrid, this time we are fully prepared, we will be inspecting identification from anyone we don’t recognise, after walking up and down day and evenings since Sunday we know the faces of the locals, if we have any doubt at all, we shall request ID, if they are found to be from out of the area and breaking the law, we will instantly radio the police who will operate a zero tolerance policy and make an arrest, also special patrols will be monitoring all supermarkets over Labour day as it is here in Spain.”