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I watch a lot of news at the moment in light of what’s going on in the world and have started making comparisons. The daily update in the UK by the government seems to be dignified, professional, well organised and to the point. The experts have their say then the press ask a few questions and the panel answer them the best they can. I’m not saying that some questions asked are not swerved – a bit like all politicians do – but the experts all seem to be allowed to give what appears to be factual information. I watch Merkel talk about the German situation – she seems very much on top of the crisis and talks with authority and even Macron looks like he’s doing a good job handling all these briefings. Then I turn over and watch the scariest one of them all – the daily Trump show. OMG! This buffoon stands there talking absolute garbage rambling on about the most ridiculous things like using disinfectant as a medicine. He tried to defend his remarks by saying they were sarcastic. I watched the experts squirming as he said it then he tried to deny it. He contradicts himself, his experts, the WHO and the Governors of many states.

I then watch what else is being said in the USA by the Governors of the different states but what happens is I actually don’t take in what they are saying, not because I’m not listening, but because I’m totally distracted by the wonderful ASL interpreters that stand at one side.  Whenever I see someone doing sign language I remember watching a YouTube clip with someone signing at a rap concert and the whole audience seemed to be taking more notice of her than the artist.  Is it just me?  I’m fascinated by it. It’s fantastic that they do that in USA but very rarely see it anywhere else.
Have a look at this and you will see what I mean. This, of course, doesn’t make me grumpy but to be honest I don’t give a monkey’s at the moment.

In closing, we are no longer spending ‘quality’ time with our loved ones. We are just now spending time! In a recent survey in the Senker household, when asked the top 50 people Mrs S would like to spend lockdown with, in a surprising result I didn’t make the list… at all!


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