Local restaurateur and long-time resident in Spain has his second book published!

Book by Garry Waite

Local restaurateur and long time resident in Spain, Garry Waite, has just had his second book published.

The first, a novel based in Spain, The Warm War was re-printed in 2018, but this time is an autobiographical look at his life in two halves: Starting from his early years in the UK until his present-day on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

The story of an ordinary chap, from an ordinary background that made some not so ordinary choices in life: As someone who decided to move to Spain in the early eighties and was determined to stay for the duration, put him in the almost pioneering sphere.

A time when there were less than maybe 5000 ex-pats living in Spain, it was a sort of fledgeling ‘club’. It was never easy and when things were great they were phenomenal, but when they were bad — they were bad! Later years have not treated our protagonist well, so what was the solution?

Pack up and go back to a country for which he had no particular longing and to an uncertain life to which he did not any longer belong. After all, he had now lived in Spain more than Half His Life. BUT he had had a full life.

From a good upbringing to travelling, meeting interesting people and devoting his life to his passions of food, wine, writing and acting and loving. Almost in chronological order, this books follows his highs and lows. You will be amazed how quickly you will identify with him and hopefully enjoy reading his exploits.

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